National Day

The national day of United states is 4 July. It is the independence day of United States.Independence day is a government occasion in the United States recognizing the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress announced that the thirteen American colonies were never again subject to ruler of Britain and were currently joined together, free, and an independent state.The Congress had voted to anounce independence two days sooner, on July 2, yet it was not announced until July 4. People of the united states celeberate their day with parades, fireworks,fairs, carnivals,concerts, family get togethers and many other ceremonies. They decorate their houses and streets with national flags and also decorate their cars with their national flags and criuse in the streets.

National Anthem

The national amthem of United states is ‘’ The Star-Spangled Banner ‘’.The lyrics are taken from a poem named as ‘’ Defence of Fort M’Henry. This poem was written by Francis Scott Key on September 14, 1814. He wrote this poem when he saw the British ships bombarding the the Fort McHenry during the battle of Baltimore in 1812. He was encouraged by the large US flag. There were 15 stripes and 15 starts on this flag which is known as star-Sangled Banner. This flag was flying prooudly above the Fort during US victory. This anthem was used officialy for the first time in 1889 by the Naval force of United States. It was selected as the national anthem by the US president named as Woodrow Wilson in 1916. It was finally made the national anthem on 3 March 1931 by a congressional resolution. This resolution was signed by the president whose name was Herbert Hoover.

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National Flag

The national flag of United States is American Flag. The flag of the United States of America, frequently called as the American flag or U.S. flag. It comprises of thirteen equivalent vertical stripes of red substituting with white, with a blue square shape in the canton bearing fifty little, white, five-pointed stars organized in nine balance flat lines, where lines of six stars exchange with lines of five stars. The 50 stars on this flag symbolize the 50 states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes symbolize the thirteen British colonirs that proclaimed independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and cecame the primary states in the U.S, Nicknames of this flag includes the Stars and Stripes and Old Glory flag. They celebrate their national events and use to decorate their streets, houses and cars with national flag.

National Emblem

The Great Seal of the United States is utilized to verify certain documents issued by the government of the United States. The expression is utilized both for the physical seal itself, which is kept by the United States Secretary of State, and also for the design which is impressed upon it. This Great Seal was first utilized in 1782. The front-side of the Great Seal is utilized as the national emblem of the United States. It is formally utilized on documents , for example, United States passport, military badge, government office bulletins, and on different flags. As an emblem,there are official colors for this design; the physical Great Seal itself, as bind to paper, is monochrome. Since 1935, the two sides of the Great Seal have showed up on the reverse of the one-dollar bill. The Seal of the President of the United States is based on the Great Seal, and its components are utilized in various government organization and state seals.

Capital of Nation

The capital of the United States is Wahington, D.C. It was founded as the seat of government of recently independent country after the American revolution. This city was named after the name of a President George Washington. He was the founding father and the first President of United States. It is a main world political capital. It is situated on Potomac river. This river is bodering the Virginia and Maryland. It is in the list of most visited cities in the World. There are almost 20 million tourist annualy.This city was approved as a capital district after the signing of Residencial act which was held on 16 July 1790. So therefore this district is not the part of any state anymore. Both the states of Virginia and Maryland deonate the land of George town and Alexandria for the establishment of federal district.

National Currency

The national currency of United States is US Dollar. It is the official currency of the nation. It is subdivided into hundred cents. For accounting, it is also subdivided into thousand mills. The circulating paper money is dominated in United States Dollars. United States currency is the command currency. This is the currency which is most used in international transactions. It is the word’s first reserve currency. It is the official currency of several countries . Dollar is also used as the only currency in two British Territories in the Caribbean. These two territories are Virgin Islands and Turks Islands. For paper money, many countries are using Federal Reserve Notes while they are using their own coin and some of them are also using U.S . dollar coins. As of 31 January 2019,there are almost 1.75 trillion dollars are in circulation among which 1.65 dollars is in Federal Reserve Notes.

National Dress

There is no specific national dress of United States. They usually wore western clothes. These wetern clothes include Denim Jeans, flannel shirts and Cowboy hats. The major component of American clothing have been flannel shirts. These shirts are made from wool but varieties of cotton are also available. People of United states used to wear pants, T-shirts, Casual shirts, jeans, Suit coat, dress shirts and dress pants. They also used poncho as their traditional dress. It is a waterproof top. It covers the upper body and it usually has a hood in order to cover head. These tops are using since Pre-Incan times. These tops are decorated with patterns of art which are traditionally present in American culture. The most populer designs in these tops are Diagonal designs. Mostly they are bright colored.

National Color

The national color of United state are the the colors which are present in national flag of U.S. These colors are red, white and blue. At the time when the American flag was adopted, these colors did not have any specified meaning. These colors are defined in 1782 for thr Great seal of United States. Red color symbolizes the bravery and valor while white color is the symbol of innocense and purity. Blue color symbolizes the justice vigilance and preservance. These colors are adopted by the United states since the independence.

National Poet

There is no specific national poet of the United States. The most famous poets of the united states are Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. They are the most famous poets in the history of United states. Among these poets, Walt Whitman is the most famous poet. He was a poet, essayist and journalist. He is the most influential poet in the canon of America. He is often called as father of free verse. Robert Frost was alos a famous poet. He was famous for his realistic depictions about rural life. Emily Dickson was an extremely prolific poet. She was the first lady poet of United States who got enormous fame for her poetry. Hughes was a poet, novelist, columnist. He was born in Joplin. He made his career in the New York. Maya Angelou was also a poet, memorist, civil rights activist and a singer. She published several books of poetry, three books of essays, a list of plays, seven autobiographies, movies and many television shows.

National Airline

There is no specific national airline of the United states.There are many airlines of the United States which are famous in all over the world for their special services and special machines. The most famous airlines of the United States include Alaska Airline, American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airline, Jet Blue Airways and United Airlines. These are all international Airlines. Among these airlines, Alaska was founded in 1932 and its hubs arepresent in Portland, San Francisco aand Los Angeles. It was founded as the McGee Airline and it starts operation as Alaska Airline in 1944. American Airline was founded in 1926. It starts its operation in 1936. It is the largest airline in the world with highest airline company revenue, fleet size and scheduled passeneger mile flown. Delta Airline was founded in 1924. It is the largest airline in the world based on the the number of passengers served per year.

National Museum

There is no particuler national museum of United States. There are many historic museums present in the United states. They are famous for their arts, antiques, history and culture. One of the famous museums includes’’ The Smithsonian Institution ‘’ is famous as a group of museums and research centres.These are administered by the Government of United States. It was established on 10 August 1846 ‘’ for the purpose of increase and diffusion of Knowledge’’. The American museum of natural history is also a famous museum in U.S. It is located in New York. This natural museum is the greatest natural history museum in the World. This museum contain 28 buildings which are interconnected, forty five exhibition halls, a planetarium and a library is also present in this museum. There are almost 33 million specimens of animals, plants, fossils, rocks, meteorites, and human culture aircrafts.

National Library

The national library of United states is the Library of Congress. It is also known as LOC. It authoritatively serves the United States Congress and is the true national library of the United States. It is the most established government social institution in the United States. The library is based on three buildings on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. This library also manages the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia. The library’s functions are regulated by the librarians of Congress, and its building is maintained by the architects of the Capitol. It is the biggest library in the world. The collection of this library is universal which is not limited to by specific subjects, formats and national boundary. It also contains the research material from all over the world in almost more than 450 languages.

National Stadium

There is no particularly decided national stadium of United states. But the most famous stadium of United states is Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. It is also known as RFK Stadium. It is a multi-purpose ground in the United States. It is located in the east of Capital building near the D.C. Armony. It was inagurated in 1961. RFK Stadium has been home to a National Football League (NFL) group, two main League Baseball (MLB) groups, five expert soccer teams, two l football teams of collegess, a bowl game, and a USFL group. It has facilitated five NFC Championship games, two MLB All-Star Games, world cup matches of men and women and many other events and games. It has facilitated school football, school soccer, baseball presentations, fights, a cycling race, a Le Mans auto race, long distance races, and many real concerts and different events.

National Game

The national game of United States is Baseball. Also US Baseball is the major body for amateur baseball in the United States of America. USA Baseball is also the part of United States Olympic Committee. They are also the World Baseball Softball Confederation. The rank of national teams of base ball of United States is 2nd in the world. In 2000, they won the Olympic baseball tournament and won the World Baseball Classic in 2017. In WBC Cup of 2009, in their first three appearances, the best finish by the Americans was the fourth place. Then a new team was managed by Jim Leyland and this team finally won the tournament. U.S Team beat the Japan in the semi-final. They won the tournament by 8-0 score by defeating the undefeated Puerto Rico and finally they became the champions of World Baseball Classic.

National River

There is no particular declared national river of the United States of America. According to their length there are seven major rivers in the United States of America. Among these rivers the ‘’ Missouri River’’ is the largest river in the North America. This river is rising for the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Before entering to the Mississippi river, this river flows east and south for 2341 miles. This river drains the almost 500,000 square miles of the area which includes Ten U.S. States and two Canadian provinces also. The second largest river in the United States is the ‘’ Mississippi River’’. It is also the chief river of second largest drainage system. The source of this river is Lake Itasca. The third largest river in the United States is the Yukon River. It is the main watercourse of North America. The source of this river is in Canada where from it flows through the Yukon Territory. Its lower half lies in Alaska.

National Mountain

The national mountain of United States is the ‘’ Rocky Mountains’’. These are also known as Rockies. These are the main mountain ranges in North America. These Rocky Mountains extends almost more than 4,800 kilometers from British Columbia, in Western Canada to New Mexico in United States. These mountains are situated in North American Cordillera. These Rockies are much different from the mountain ranges that are present in Pacific Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range. These all ranges lie beyond to the West. The age of these Rocky mountains are almost 55-80 million years. These mountains are formed by the subduction of many plates under the North American Plate. Due to shallow subduction, it results in broad belt of mountains towards North America. These mountains cover many public parks and forests in it. These mountains are very famous in the World for camping, Hiking, hunting, biking and snowboarding.

National Park

There is no specific national park of United States of America. There are many natural parks which are famous for their greenery and beauty in the world. Among these parks, Glacier National Park is the most famous park in the United States of America. It is located in Montana on the border between Canada and United States. It is the neighboring park of Alberta and British Columbia. The area of this park is almost 1 million acres. This park covers the two mountain ranges. The second most famous park in the United States is the Grand Canyon National Park. It is located in Arizona. This park is famous for its Grand Canyon which is a gorge of Colorado River. It is considered as the one of the wonders of the world. This park covers the area of 1217262 acres. It is visited by almost six million visitors in 2017.

National Zoo

The national zoo of the United States of America is National Zoological Park. It is the oldest zoo of the United States. This zoo is the part of Smithsonian Institute and this park does not have any entry ticket. It was established in 1889. The mission of this zoo was to provide engaging experience with animals and create and spread knowledge to save wildlife and its habitats. This national zoo consists of two campuses. The first campus has the area of 163 acres. It is an urban park. It is situated at Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C. The other campus of this park has the area of 3200 acres. It is located in Virginia. There are almost 180 species of trees , 850 species of shrubs, 42 species of grasses and 36 different species of bamboo. There are almost 1800 animals of 300 different species in this park.

National Forest

There is no specific national forest in the United States of the America. There are almost 154 natural forests in the United States of America. Among these forests, Chugach National Forest is the most famous forest in the United States of America. It covers the area of 6,908,540 acres. It is founded in Alaska. This forest covers portions of Prince William Sound, Kenai Peninsula and the Copper delta river. This park was established in 1907. Earlier it was the part of larger forest reserves. It includes long shorelines, forest and rivers, glaciers which are untouched by trails and roads. The second most famous forest of United States of America is the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. It is the main U.S. National Forest. It is located in Nevada. Its smaller portion is also present in California.

National Tree

The national tree of United States of America is the Oak Tree. It was designated as the national tree of United States in 2004. It was selected as the national tree by the people of United States. They select their national tree through voting system. People from all ages helped to choose the Oak tree as the national tree by a vote system which is hosted by the National Arbor Day Foundation. People were invited to vote their favorite tree among the 21 candidate trees. The candidate trees were the trees of all fifty States of America. Oak was selected as the national tree by winning with 101,000 votes. Almost 65 species of Oak grow in the United States. It is the most widespread hardwood tree in the world. This Oak tree is famous for its shade, beauty and its top quality lumber. According to people, this tree shows the strength of people of United States of America.

National Flower

The national flower of United States of America is the Roses. It was selected as the national flower in 1986. This flower is the symbol of love and beauty in the world. All 50 states of United States select the rose as the national flower. It includes the rose in New York, the Oklahoma Rose in the Oklahoma, Cherokee rose in the Georgia and Prairie rose in North Dakota. The age of the rose is almost 35 million years. The colors of the roses include red, pink, yellow and white. They can have a very rich aroma. The petals of the roses have been used in medicines from ages. They also play an important role in history, myth and poetry from old times is also present on roses.

National Animal

The national animal of the United States of America is an American Bison. It is also known as American buffalo. This species was once roamed in North America in enormous herds. It is considered as the greatest bison belt. These bison are present in an area of rich grassland that passes through the Alaska, Atlantic seaboard as far north as New York and also to the South to Georgia and also in Florida. They are roaming there since 1750. They nearly became extinct in the 19th century due to commercial hunting and slaughter. They also get bovine diseases from the domestic cattle. The population of this species decreases suddenly from 60 million to 541 animals during the 18th century. In the 2th century, recovery of these animals has been taken place by increasing their number from 541 to 31000 animals.

National Bird

The national bird of United States of America is Bald Eagle. It is a sea eagle. It appears on the seal of the country. This bird was near to extinction in the starting of the 20th century. This species have been recovered now and removed from the list of endangered species of U.S. government list on 12 July 1995. There are two subspecies of this eagle. It also forms a species pair with white-tailed eagle. It mostly present in the areas of Canada and Alaska. It found near large water bodies where there is abundant supply of food is present. They like to survive in those areas where there is large number of growth trees are present for nesting. It mainly depends upon fish. They snatch the fish from the water with its talons. They build the largest nest than any other North American bird.

National Fruit

There is no specific national fruit of U.S. Every State have their own state fruits. For example juicy Orange is the state fruit of Florida. Many fruits are consumed daily by the people of United states of America. They import many fruit products from all over the world in order to met the requirement of people of United states of America. The people of U.S. like to eat Banana, Grapes, Apple, Strawberries, Oranges, water melon, blue berries , lemon, Peaches , pineapple, avacado and many other fruits.

National Vegetable

The national vegetable of United States of America is the Artichoke Vegetable. It is also known as French artichoke or green artichoke. It is one of the variety of Thistle which is cultivated as food. It is that edible part of plant which consist of flower buds . The flower head of artichoke is a cluster of many smallflowers. The flowers of artichoke are only edible before the bloom. The became barely edible after they came into bloom conditions. Another variety of this species is Cardoon. It is a perennial plant which is native to the Mediterranean region. Both the cultivated and wild varities of this vegetable exists.

National Dish

The national dish of United States of America is Hamburger. It is a sandwich which consist of one or two patties of grind meat which is placed inside a bun. The patty used in this bun may be flame broiled, grilled or pan fried. These burgers are often surved with Lettuce, onion, pickles, cheese and the condiments include ketchup, mustard, specil sauces or mayonnaise. The burger which is topped with cheese is known as cheeseburger. The term patty is used in America for the ground meat.

National Sweet

There is no particularly declared national dish of United States of America. There is a list of desserts which is used by the people of United of America. They usually like to eat AmbrosiaFruit Salad), Angel food cake, Banana split, banana fooster, bana pudding, black and white cookies, cinnamon rolls and many other desserts. The ingredients of famous banana pudding are vanila custard,cookies, fresh sliced bananas which are topped with creaam or usually meringue. There is another dessert named as Boston Cream Pie. It is a cake which is filled with cream or custard and mostly frosted with chocolate. Another dessert named as Banana Split which is served at Cabot’s Ice Cream and restaurant situated in Newtonville.

National Drink

The national drink of United States of America is Bourbon Whiskey. It is a barrel-aged distilled spirit. It is made up of Corn. The name of this national drink was derived from French Bourbon Dynasty. This whiskey has been distilled from the 18th century. This whiskey is named as Bourbon since 1820. As of 2014, This Bourban whiskey has the revenue of almost 2.7 billion dollars. According to the Distilled Spirit Council of United States, they derive the revenue of 3.6 billion dollars from the bourbon and Tennessee whiskey which is sold in United States. It was recognized as the’’ distinctive product of the United States’’. This whiskey is served in different ways such as neat, diluted with water. It also mixed with other drinks and also in the cocktails. It is also used in cooking and it was also historically used in the medicines.

National Holiday

The national holiday of United States of America is 4th July. It is the independence day of United States of America. They celebrate this day with full zeal and zest. They decorate their houses, streets and cars with the national flag of United States of America. The other national holidays celebrated by the people of United States are Martin Luther King Jr day, George Washington’s Birthday, Memorial day, Labors Day, Coloumb’s Day and also some other holidays.

National Income

The national income of United States of America is 19.61 trillion PPP dollars. United States of America is the super power in the World. They are famous in the world for their high economy. The GNI per capita of the United States is 60,200 PPP Dollars. The GDP per capita of United States is 59,531.66 USD.


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