National day

The national day of Bahamas is celebrated on every 10th of July.

This is a public holiday. This holiday explains the history and is a memorable day celebrated as an independence day. The Bahamas became an independent state on 10th of the July in 1973. This was the day when the Bahamas was separated from the United Kingdom; however, they are still a member of Commonwealth organizations present in the United Kingdom.

The National Anthem of Bahamas

March on Bahama land is the national anthem of Bahamas.

It was written by Timothy Gibson. He wrote this in a national competition. Also, later on, it was selected as the national anthem in 1973. In this anthem, the poet is addressing the people of Bahamas and is asking them to lift their heads and march with full confidence together as they are independent and brave.

Bahamas National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Bahamas National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag of Bahamas consists of black triangle situated at hoist position. Three horizontal bands are present on it. The first one is aquamarine; the mid one is of gold color, the last one is also aquamarine. This flag was adopted back on 10 July of 1973 and was designed by DR. Hervis Bain. It was first raised in the middle of the night when the Bahamas became an independent country, as the British Blue ensign along with emblems were used before the flag as a symbol, preferred by pirates.

The coat of arms of Bahamas designed this flag.

National Emblem

Bahameese is the national emblem of Bahamas.

The coat of arms of Bahamas contains a shield with the national symbol as its center and a focal point. The shield is supported by a marlin and a flamingo. The emblem has been designed with bright colours in order to have a bright future of Bahamas.

National Language

English is the official language of Bahamas. There are several different languages been spoken in the Bahamas; however, the citizens of Bahamas have a British English accent. The people of Bahamas often speak Bahamian dialect, which is an English based creole language mainly spoken in Turk islands. This is spoken by all races of Bahamians for more than 400,000 native speakers. The Bahamas is mostly a tourist place; people visit the country from all over the world due to its natural views. Therefore you might find many different languages been spoken in the Bahamas.

Capital of The Nation

Nassau is the capital of Bahamas whereas; it is also the commercial center with a population of more than 274,400 according to the survey of 2016. According to the history, this was found in 1670 as Charles town, which was later switched over to Nassau in 1695. It is also known as the Trade Center of the Country. National airport is also located over here. Moreover, it is also the largest city of Bahamas.

National Currency

The Bahamian Dollar is the national currency of Bahamas. It is the national currency of the state since 1966. It is normally abbreviated with a dollar sign. It is divided into 100 cents. Pounds were used before the dollar, which was replaced in 1966 with a rate of 1 dollar = 7 shillings.

National Dress

The urban the Carrabin write the styled clothes like shirts with a length equal to the height of each is the national dress of Bahamas. Other then these urban-styled light-weighted cloths are worn there; T-shirts and modern styled urban clothes are worn in the country. They have been quite inspired by western clothing. Therefore it is quite difficult to find people in traditional dresses.

National Color

Black is the national color of Bahamas. It represents the strength and will power of the nation. This is the darkest color, which shows simplicity as well. This color is also present in their flag to show a symbol of their country.


National Poet

Marion Bethel is the national poet of Bahamas. She was born on 31 July 1953; she was highly qualified with multi-talented. She was a writer, attorney, filmmaker, poet, and human and gender rights activist. She played a very important role in the country. She has achieved many types of different awards in almost all her fields due to her expertise.

She is famous for some of his patriotic poetry books and other famous books by him are Massachusetts review etc.

National Airline

Bahamas air Holding Limited is the national airline of Bahamas, which travels more than 32 destinations domestically, and regionally this travels in the United States as well as the Caribbean. The main headquarters of this airline is in the capital city, Nassau. The Hub is based in Lynden Pindling International Airport. This airline was found in early 1973. However, the commencement of the airline took place on 17 July. Tracy Cooper is the directing manager at the moment.

National Museum

National Museum of Bahamas is in Nassau. It was opened on 3rd March 2018. It has all the history of the Bahamas from middle ages till now and also the architecture of Bahamas is well presented there. The museum is full of ancient and historical items that have been preserved in an environment where it would be kept safe and sound to be visible to all the citizens and tourists in the country.

National Library

National library of Bahamas is Nassau public library. It is situated at Nassau, the capital city. Moreover, this is one of the most ancient libraries in the country, which was founded in 1837 when the society of the Bahamas of diffusion knowledge was combined with reading society. However, this was made official in 1847. The library constrains thousands of ancient books with different languages to show citizens about historic events.

National Stadium

Thomas Robinson Stadium is the national stadium of Bahamas. It is situated near Queen Elizabeth sports center, Nassau Bahamas. This stadium was founded in 1881; it was inaugurated in the same year. Moreover, this stadium has many purposes; it mostly hosts matches of soccer. However, it is also a home ground of American football. This stadium normally holds up 15,000 crowds, and however, at occasions, this can also expand and increase the limit to 23,000. It was later renovated and expanded for a better experience.

National Game

Just like other countries, there are many different types of sports and games played in this country; however, there is a difference in the interest of people to all sports. Therefore, the National game of Bahamas is cricket. It was declared as the national game of Bahamas in 1973. The team of Bahamas is one of the best cricket teams, and the sport of cricket is loved by all the people of Bahamas, as this is also one of the major sports played all over the world.

National River

The Bahamas national river is Bahamas oriole. Its length is 1671 km it is near to Andros town and is basically near an island that is why it is given the national position; it has a very beautiful view, which attracts a lot of tourism.

National Park

There are several destinations and park, which are quite beautiful and attractive. However, the national park of the country is known as Inagua National Park. This park was established in 1965, whereas it had a population of flamingos from 1904, which is now considered to be the most populated flamingo breed park. This park consists of more than 50,000 birds, which cover up an area of 220,000 acres.

National Zoo

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre is the national zoo of the Bahamas, which is situated in Nassau. It was found in 1982, whereas it was opened as a garden back in 1937. It consists of more than 200 animals. There are not many zoos in the Bahamas, whereas you can easily find many animals of different species in the parks and forests of Bahamas.

National Forest

The Primeval Forest is the national forest, which was established back in 2002, which covers up an area of 7.5 acres. There are many animals in the forests, which make them even more special and attractive for the tourists to visit. People from all over the world; love to visit the Bahamas due to the natural beauty of this country..

National Tree

National tree of Bahamas is Lignum vitiate it means tree of life, and it is from genus Guacium. This tree has many several uses, including both industrial and medicinal purposes. The hardwood is used for making balls, pulleys and mostly bearings for steel mill, due to so many important uses and attraction of tree makes it very significant across the country.

National Flower

Yellow Elder is the national flower of Bahamas. It is yellow and is given the national flower position because it blooms throughout the year and is referred to the state that it blooms too. This has been decided by all four of the providential clubs and was voted to national flower as the other flowers that were grown on the Bahamas were already the national flowers for many countries. Therefore, it has been selected by its uniqueness and attractive looks.

National Animal

The national animal of Bahamas is flamingo, which is a very famous bird unable to fly. However, this bird is very attractive, beautiful, and rare at the same time. This bird can run at a speed of 50km/h. These long-living birds are not endangered in any way. This unique bird has different colors and long necks, which make them even more attractive. Their average life span is between 15 to 30 years m, which is a lot more than a normal bird.

National Bird

The national bird of Bahamas is Flamingo, one of the most rare species of bird. These birds are conserved in the parks in many numbers. They have their perfect habitat in the parks on the Bahamas.

National Fruit

Ackee is the national fruit of Bahamas. It is yellow, and it is also the national fruit of west, South Africa. Besides the nutritional benefits, there are other uses for this fruit too. This can be used in soaps and for fish poison.

National Dish

The national dish of Bahamas is Conch. It is seafood. Conch pronounced as Konk is the national staple dish of Bahamas. It is a shellfish, and its main ingredients are shellfish baked with cucumber and is served with rice. This dish is very famous across the country as this necessary when it comes to family gatherings, weddings, or any special occasions.

National Drink

National drink of Bahamas is sky juice. Its main ingredients are sweet milk, gin, and coconut powder. It is drunk with different dishes before and even after the meals. This is also a part of different gatherings and occasions, whereas it also brings up a great combination with food.

National Holiday

The national holiday of Bahamas is on the 10th of July; it is celebrated as Independence Day. Other national holidays, including Labor Day, celebrated on 7th June. And also on 10th June too. However, besides the national holidays, there are many other different occasions where public holidays are given. However, the national holidays are usually spent with function and special events in the memory of the past, whereas most of the people do spend their time with their family and friends or usually go for dinners.

National Income

The national income of Bahamas, according to 2017 census, is 17.33 billion dollars. The Bahamas is the richest countries of the West Indies. GDP growth every year is 2.5% and is nominated as 140th. GDP per capita is 33.33 dollars. The economy for a single person per capita is 230000 dollars per year. One of the main sources of income is the tourism of the Bahamas, which makes it much more important for tourists to visit and capture their moments.


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