National Day

The national Day marks out the 23rd of March of every year. This day is also known as the Pakistan day or Pakistan’s resolution day. This was adopted during the first Pakistan’s constitution in 1956 which made the country Pakistan as the first Islamic Republic in the whole world. This day is celebrated annually on every 23rd of march. This day is celebrated all over Pakistan, however the main celebration is held in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad where the military parade is practised whereas foreign dignitaries also participate in the parade as the glance of power and authority.

The National Anthem

Pakistan’s national anthem is also known as “Pak Sarzamin”, means “The Sacred Land”. This national anthem has been written by Hafeez Jalandri in Persian in the year 1952. The music was composed by Ahmed G Chagla in 1949. This anthem was officially adopted on the 13th of August 1954, furthermore, on the same day it was sung and recorded by many top singers of Pakistan at that time. The need of this national anthem was realised when the first Indonesian state governor visited Pakistan before anyone and there was no national anthem to be played, therefore the government urged and presented their own national anthem.

Pakistan National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Pakistan National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag was adopted 3 days before their independence in the constitution at 11th August 1947. This flag consists of a white crescent with a 5 point star printed on a dark green background. It also has a white vertical stripe at the left side of the flag. This flag has great significance along with the anthem, since it is related to one another. The national anthem is hosted everyday at the wagah border where the flag is raised up high in the sky and lowered down at the sunset. Moreover, this flag is visible all around the country on the independence day, defence day and republic day.

National Language

There are many different languages spoken in Pakistan, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Urdu and Balochi. These are the main languages spoken at a very large scale. Therefore, the national language is Urdu which is basically made with the words of Persian, Arabic and Chagatai. However this language is only spoken by 8% of Pakistanis but it is recognised by almost all Pakistanis.

Capital of Pakistan

The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad which was adopted back in 14th August 1967, which means after 20 years. At first, Karachi ( the coastal city) was the capital of Pakistan which was further replaced by Rawalpindi and switched over to Islamabad in 1967. This is one of the most beautiful city of Pakistan which is still a developing country. Islamabad does not have enough population, however Karachi is the most populated and largest city of Pakistan with different races including all five provinces.

National Currency

The national currency of Pakistan is Pakistani rupees which is said to be “ruppiya” derived from a Sanskrit word rupya, which means a silver coin. The abbreviation used for this currency is PKR or Rs. This currency was introduced right after the British Raj. The currency contains coins which comprises of 1, 2 , 5 rupees whereas, the notes comprise of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 which is quite rare. The notes of the PKR has the picture of Quaid e Azam, the founder of Pakistan, moreover it also has different colours for different notes.

The National Dress

The national dress of Pakistan is Shalwar Qameez. Shalwar refers to a lose trouser, whereas the Qameez refers to a long shirt. This national dress is wore all across Pakistan in all 5 provinces. However this is wore in different styles and ways according to their weather conditions and culture. This can be wore in different colours to bring a change. Moreover, women’s have the same national dress with an addition of “Dupatta” this is a long cloth which is used to cover their heads and neck. Fashion grows everywhere, therefore Kurtis have been designed which is quite similar to the national dress however there are few minor changes such as the collar.

The National Poet

Allama Iqbal is the national poet of Pakistan. He was not only a poet, he had many areas of expertise. He was a scholar, academic, barrister, politician and as well as philosopher. He was a British Indian who inspired the Muslims for a separate country therefore, he is also considered as the Spiritual father of Pakistan. He has written many books in Persian and Urdu. This personality is still recognised by everyone however he was deceased in 21 April 1838 at the age of 60.

National Airline

The Pakistans flag carrier is PIA, stands for Pakistan international Airline. It has been awarded for the frequent flyer program. This was found on 29 October 1946, which has few key cities to focus such as Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Heathrow and Manchester, however it fly’s over to 25 international destinations. The main hub of PIA is located in Karachi (Jinnah international airport) whereas the second hubs are located in Islamabad and Lahore. It consists of 30 aircrafts with more than 13 thousands of employees with nearly 100 flights every day. Pakistan airlines have been very successful as they started in 1946 in Calcutta whereas, after the partition, they joined with another airline and established PIA successfully. It is one of the largest airline of Pakistan which fly’s domestic and internationally as well.

National Museum

The national museum is situated in the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi which was established in 1950 after replacing Victoria museum. At many occasions, there are multiple functions on this museum to invite people and make them recognise the efforts and historic events. This Museum contains several hundreds of preserved sculptures along with more than 55 thousands of historic coins to display. It also has more than 70,000 books and publications to read. The national museum is not the only museum, however there are different museums for different purposes and knowledge. There is a separate museum for Airfield, navy and military.

National Library

The national library is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad which was established in 1950 which was later reconstituted. The old books and publications are not easily available for circulations. This library contains more than 300,000 books. It has more than 200,000 books, more than 580 hand written manuscripts. 40,000 of bound newspapers and volumes and 50,000 books of science and technology.

National Stadium

The national stadium is owned by the cricket board and is situated in Karachi which holds up the capacity of more than 34 thousand. It is the largest stadium in Pakistan. This stadium has many memorable matches with different international teams as it is also the home ground of the famous Karachi kings and other domestic teams. This national stadium is now known as Gaddafi stadium.

National Game

The national game of Pakistan is field hockey which is mostly loved by adults however cricket has taken the place of hockey. Since the youth is very passionate about cricket. Cricket has been quite famous around the world. There are many teams from all over the world which is quite fascinating to watch the rivalries between major countries. Moreover, Pakistan has also been participating in Olympics, badminton and soccer. Tennis and squash is also one of the major sports played by Pakistan.

The National Mountain

The national mountain of Pakistan is known to be K2, this name is derived by karakoram 2. This is the second largest mountain located in Gilgit Baltistan. It is 8,611 meters above sea level. People from all over the world have tried to climb the mountain at the top as it attracts a lot of tourism. There are foreign movies and videos made by the tourists and film productions about the mountain which is the second largest and the eye catching view inspired them to film a movie back in 2001.

National Zoo

Pakistan has many zoos in different cities, but Lahore has one of the largest and ancient zoo in the world. This zoo covers up 25 acres of land. There are more than 1400 animals with more than 140 species. This zoo was made in 1872 which means 146 years old. This enormous zoo has many sites of Interest as this Has different houses and habitat for different species of animal.

National Flower

The national flower of Pakistan is Jasmine which is quite common and easily found in Parks and other gardens. This is a very eye catching flower which defines its own uniqueness with the combination of white and yellow colours. The shiny leaves helps decorating the garden or the parks even more efficiently as it grows in clusters which makes it more fascinating and colourful. Jasmin has a great significance in Pakistan, as you would find them in parks, restaurant and even at homes.

National Animal

Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, however this endangered animal is only found in the northern part of Pakistan, mostly in the mountains. This animal is quite rare and is not found everywhere easily. The name of this animal has been kept in Persian language since “Mar” means snake and “Khor” means eater, the snake eater. This animal is normally omnivore however the thorn and it foot makes it appear that it eats snakes. This animal is so rare that you would not be able to see them unless you make an intention to search them.

National Tree

The Himalayan cedar has been considered to be the national tree since it is present in the northern part of Pakistan which is a coniferous tree which varies from 40 to 50 meters.

The National Bird

Chukar partridge is the national bird of Pakistan. The Chukar bird is very common which feeds on seeds and insects. These are often preyed by golden eagle. This bird is smaller in size with unique colours which makes it much more attractive than the other birds and is found in Pakistan easily.

The National Dish

There are many dishes eaten in Pakistan, but Nihari is the national and most delicious dish for Pakistani. The dish is quite spicy served with meat and eaten with a baked roti. There are huge restaurants for serving this dish. Biryani is also one of the most popular dish among Pakistan as this consists of spicy rice with masala and chicken. This dish is compulsory in weddings, ceremonies and gatherings. You would find many different types of foods which are served in a very unique way, they ancient style of eating rice with hands is worthwhile.

National Holiday

The national holidays are celebrated at different occasions, such as Eid days, the independence day, republic day as well as defence day. These days are celebrated and in different ways, the schools and work is off and the citizens enjoy their day at their fullest. There are many functions and ceremonies at the school for the children to make them aware of their national days. The Eid days allows you to enjoy 3 days with your family however the rest of the national holidays are usually spend in functions. These days, public holidays are very important in order to have few days off, spend time with family and it is also necessary for the children to recognise these national days and celebrate them in future. This shows the love and passion for their own country.

National Income

Pakistan ranks out the 23rd largest PPP with 1.71 trillion dollars and the 40th largest country in GDP. Nevertheless, Pakistan’s population is the sixth largest populated country. Pakistan is also very famous for its agricultural production. Pakistan is also in debt with many countries, therefore it is still a developing country. There has been a large amount of increase in financial service, transportation, telecommunication, textile industry, apparel and many other types of industries. The export of Pakistan was said to be increased by 0.1 however, the imports have been generally increased to 18.0.


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