National Day

The national day of Mexico is 16 September. It is the independence day of Mexico. In 1810, Mexico got freedom and start their journey as a country. They celebrate their national day with fireworks, food, music , dance, and parties. They decorate their streets and houses. Whistles and horns are blown. Its a public holiday so banks , schools , government offices and many mostly businesses are closed join this day.

National Anthem

In Spanish , the national anthem of Mexico is known as ‘’Himno Nacional Mexicano’’.It was written by Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra in 1853 in a result of federal competition. It was used for the first time in 1854 but it was officially adopted in 1943. It consisting of ten stanzas and one chorus.

Mexico National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Mexico National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag of Mexico is an upright tricolor of red, white and green. In the white section , national coat of arms has been drawn. Green color represents the independence and white color represents the religion and the red color represents their union. These colors were adopted during the war of independence against Spain. This design has been used since 1821. Actually these are the colors of national army of Mexico. The length-width ratio and design of coat of arms has been modified many times in the history.

National Emblem

The national Emblem of Mexico is ‘’Coat of Arms’’ that has been drawn on their flag. This emblem originates to an Aztec Legend. According to their believe, the leader of their tribe had a dream in which God visited him and told him that the tribe will came through an eagle sitting on a cactus, gulping a snake.

Capital of Nation

Mexico city is the capital of Mexico. It is situated in the valley of Mexico. It was built in 1325 by Aztecs and that time it was called as Tenochitlan. It was rebuilt in 1585 and officially labeled as Mexico city. In 1824, it became the federal District. The population of Mexico city is 21.2 million. The city has also contains a large number of immigrants.

National Currency

The national currency of Mexico is Mexican peso. The code of this currency is MXN. Both the dollar and modern peso have same origin. Mexican peso is the most operated currency in the Latin America. It is the third most operated currency in America and it is the 10th most operated currency in the world. It is divided into 100 centavos. In April 2019, The exchange rate of peso was $21.22 per euro and $18.75 per U.S. dollar.

National Dress

The national dress of Mexico are Huipil, quechquemitl, rebazo, and Mexican skirts for women .Huipil is sleeveless dress. It is made up of cotton or wool. Huipil is worn with a skirt at the bottom. On the other hand national dress for men is Guayabera. It is a comfortable bottom up shirt. It is a perfect dress for formal and informal events.

National Color

The national colors of Mexico is Red, green and white. These are the colors of Mexican flag. These three colors represents the three different things. Green color represents the independence of Mexican people from the Spain. White color represent their religion and red color represents their unity.

National Poet

The national poet of Mexico is Pablo Neruda. He was born on 12 July 1904 and died on 23 September 1973.his full name is Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. He wrote many poems on love. His famous poems include ‘’your laughter’’, ‘’if you forget me’’ and ‘’Tonight I can write the saddest lines’’.

National Airline

The national airline of Mexico is Aeromexico. It was established on 15 September 1934 by Antonio Diaz. The first aircraft of this airline was SR Reliant 5A.The Pilot of this flight was Julio Zinser. It continued growing during World War 2. Company started their first turboprop passenger plane in 1950. This company was nationalized in 1959.

National Museum

The national museum of Mexico is The National Museum of Anthrapology. This museum is the biggest and most visited in the Mexico. It is located in Chapultepec Park in Mexico city. Many archeological and anthropological artifacts are present in this museum including the Stone of the sun and Atec Xochipili statue. The Museum is handled by the National institute of Anthropology and History.

National Library

The library of Ciudad University is the national library of Mexico. This library was established on 26 October 1833. It also contain all foreign books printed about Mexico. It is the one of the largest library in Mexico and in Latin America because it contains almost 1,250,000 documents containing books, maps, and recordings. There is a room in the library in which resources for blind users are present.

National Stadium

The national stadium of Mexico is Estadio Azteca. It is a multi purpose ground situated in Mexico city. It is the home ground of Mexico national football team .The stadium is at height of 7200 feet above sea level. It is the largest stadium in Mexico. The capacity of the stadium is 87,532. In 2018, it is also used as the home of Cruz Azul. National football league also held every year in this stadium.

National Game

The national game of Mexico is association football . It is a team sports played by a spherical ball . It played between two teams with eleven member in each. It is the most popular game in the world .Almost 250 million people from 200 countries plays this game. Players are not allowed to touch the ball by hands or arms except for the goalkeeper.

National River

The national river of Mexico is Rio Grande. It is the main river in the polar areas of Mexico. It rises from Colorado and moves in the gulf of Mexico. It is the border between Mexico and US. The length of this river is 1896 miles. The people in the city areas consume of the water that’s why only 20% of the river flows in the gulf of Mexico. This river has twelve tributaries.

National Mountain

The National mountain of Mexico is Oico de Orizaba. It is also known as Citlatipetel. It is a stratovolcano. It is the third highest mountain in North America and the highest mountain in the Mexico. It’s height is 5636 m above sea level. It is situated on the border between Veeracurz and peubla. It is a dormant volcano. The last eruption in this mountain was take place in the 19th century. Pico de Orizaba is the second prominent volcanic peak in the World.

National Park

There is no specific national park of Mexico. There are total 67 n national parks in the Mexico . They all are natural and have a very beautiful and charming scenery . These parks are under the observation of SINAP(National system of natural protected areas). It is the duty of SINAP to protect these areas and its biodiversity.

National Zoo

The national zoo of Mexico is Chapultepec Zoo. It is located in Chapultepec Park. It is known as the best Mexican zoo. It was established in 1923 by Mexican biologist Alfonso Luis Herrera by collecting donation from different private and government organizations. There are almost 2000 animals of more than 200 species. This zoo also start a breeding program of endangered species including Pandas, California Condors and Mexican wolves.

National Forest

The national Forest of Mexico is Jalisco dry Forests. It is located along the pacific coast of Mexico. This forest contain small mountain . There are also floral and faunal species in this forest. In this forest almost 16% of flora and 29% of vertebrates are endemic. This forest is also an important stop point for migrating birds. Logging and Agriculture development are two hazards for this forest.

National Tree

The national tree of Mexico is The Cypress tree. It is a very common tree in northern temperature regions. It belongs to family of Cupressaceae. It originates from the moist mountain forests of Mexico. Cypress is also very good at making live fences. It is planted closely together and then trimmed. These trees are also very suitable for windbreaks because of their height.

National Flower

The national flower of Mexico is the Dhalia Pinnata. This flower was originated from hilly areas of Mexico. It is a type of bushy summer flowering plant. This flower have tuberous roots. It can grow up to one meter. Its petals are used in Salad. These flowers are pollinated by insects. It is used as food plant. Slugs and snails are the main problems for these flowers.

National Animal

The national animal of Mexico is Xoloitzcuintli. It’s a hairless breed of dog. It is found in many sizes including toy, miniature as well as standard size. These dogs can also be coated and both hairy and hairless dogs can be born in same litter. This breed is a result of spontaneous mutation a thousand years ago. The most common colors in this breed are black, blue and red.

National Bird

The National bird of Mexico is crested caracara.It is also known as Audubon’s caracara. They feed on reptiles , carrion, birds and amphibians. They are aggressive birds. These birds are recognized by their reddish skin of throat and cheeks and by their long legs. Their size ranges from 40 to 60 cm long. They are famous for their eyesight and speed of flying.

National Fruit

The national fruit of Mexico is Avocado. It has become the favorite fruit of United States with 4.2 billion sold last year. 95% of avocado was of Hass variety and 85% of them were imported from Mexico. Their leaves odors like anise. Mexican avocados grows in a region which is too cold for others.

National Vegetable

There is no specific national vegetable of Mexico. However people of Mexico like mostly to eat avocado. It has become the favorite of United States with 4.2 billion sold last year. 95% of avocado was of Hass variety and 85% of them were imported from Mexico. Their leaves odours like anise. Mexican avocados grows in a region which is too cold for others.

National Dish

The national dish of Mexico is Mole Sauce. It is a traditional sauce of Mexicans. It contains a fruit, chilli pepper, nut, and spices like black pepper, cinnamon and cumin. Firstly these ingredients are roasted and then ground into fine powder. This process almost takes a day to complete. Many traditional families saved their grind mole for agaes just for the special events.

National Sweet

The national dish of Mexico is Mexican Crullers. It is deep fried pastry which is very popular in Mexico, USA and Canada. It mostly made of a rectangular dough and a cut made in its middle which produce twist in the sides of the pastry. It is topped with powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon. It is also called as churros.

National Drink

The national drink of Mexico is Paloma cocktail. It is a tequila based cocktail. It is prepared by mixing grape fruit flavored soda with tequila. It is served on the rocks with lime wedge. Some people also like to add some amount of salt in it. It can also be found in soda cans. It is very popular drink in Mexico.

National Holidays

The national Holiday of Mexico is on 16 September. It is the independence day for the people of Mexico . They got freedom from Spain on 16 September 1810. People celebrated their day in different ways . They decorate their houses, streets and cars with flags and young people go for party and picnic while the elder one also enjoy their day by eating good and healthy food. They cruise in the streets and roads. Many other Holidays are given to Mexican people in order to release their stress of work.

National Income

In 2017, the national income of Mexico was 2.291 trillion PPP dollars. They got 11th to 13th richest economy in the world. It is the 10th to 13th country in the world with the most number of poor. Their GDP rank is 15th .


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