National day

6 July is the national day of Malawi. Malawi came into being in 1964, and after two years it converted into a republic within the commonwealth of nations. Malawi’s first prime minister was Dr. Hasting K Banda. He strictly announced that only one party, one leader and there would be only one government. After it, he became the president of Malawi in 1971. It is a public holiday in all educational institutes and works places. This day is celebrated in different ways by different people, such as putting their flags on the cars, decoration of houses and roads.

National Anthem

The National anthem of Malawi is ‘’Mlungu dalitsani Malawi’’. This national anthem was composed by the famous composer of Malawi named as Michael-Fredrick Paul Sauka. The words of this anthem are also written by himself. They adopted this anthem in 1964 as a result of competition.

Malawi National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

Malawi National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The first national flag of Malawi was adopted in 1964 on 6th of July. The rising sun on the top of the flag signifies the beginning of hope and independence for Africa. .The black color on the flag represent the natives of the continent, and the red color represents their struggle for freedom and green color on this flag represents nature. On 29 July 2010, a new flag was adopted by the government of Malawi which is still their national flag.

National Emblem

The national emblem of Malawi is the ‘’coat of arms’’. This emblem is based on older heraldic arms which were used in Nyasaland. It is covered by a lion at left and a leopard at the right side and ‘’Unity and Freedom’’ is written below the sign. This emblem of the Malawi nation represents their strength and their grip on arms.

Capital of Nation

The Capital of Malawi is Lilongwe. It is the largest city in Malawi. The old capital of Malawi is Zomba. Lilongwe is the most populated city in Malawi. In 2018, the population of Malawi was almost 989,318. It is located in the center of Malawi. The borders attached with it are Mozambique and Zambia. It is named by the river ‘’Lilongwe’’.

National Currency

The national currency of Malawi is ‘’Malawian Kwacha’’. The exchange rate of Malawi kwacha is USD to MWK rate. MWK is the currency code for Kwachas, and the symbol of the currency is MK. This currency was adopted in 1971. It was replaced by Malawian pound. Malawian kwacha is subdivided into 100 tambala. It was detached from the United States dollar in 2012.

National Dress

There is no specific dress used by Malawi men. However, they mostly wear western culture clothes such as T-shirts and jeans. But women of Malawi wear ‘’Chitenje’’ as a traditional dress. It is very similar to a large skirt with a design. They also wear similar headcloth and blouse along with it .they have different designs for different occasions.

National Color

National colors of Malawi include Black, red, and green color. These three colors are present in Malawi’s flag, and each color has its meaning. The black color in the flag is representative of natives of Africa; the red color reflects the inhabitants’ efforts to attain freedom from long-standing oppression and captivity, and the green color indicates the nature that is an asset of Africa. The sun projected over black streaks represents the rise of liberty and optimism in the African population.


National Poet

James David Rubadiri (July 19, 1930 – September 11, 2018) was regarded as a renowned poet, writer, and novelist. Since independence, he has been placed on top of African’s widely celebrated and diverse poets. His writings are most widely read in Africa till date, and published in national as well as international publications.

National Airline

Malawian Airlines Limited is the international airline of Malawi, located in Lilongwe with Lilongwe International Airport as its pivot. It emerged in July 2013, after the dissolution of former airline named Air Malawi. Ethiopian Airlines operates Malawian Airlines via management contract and shares 49% of this airline. However, Malawian Airlines has not been proven as one profitable airline of Malawi and Ethiopia after reviewing its financial and other records.

National Museum

The Chichiri Museum, situated in Blantyre, is the national Museum of Malawi, which reflects the history and traditions of the country. This museum, previously called the Nyasaland Museum, was established in 1957. It exhibits the customary dance, European settlements, and samples of slavery lifestyle. Additionally, case studies comprising insect collections and straddling samples from national parks are also showcased in the Chichiri museum.

National Library

The National Library Service of Malawi is known as the national library of Malawi. It is regulated by the Malawi National Library Service Board which is the Legal Establishment formed under the Parliament Act of 1967. One of the main duties of this library is to run public libraries situated countrywide. Their goal is to make educational training, educational and recreational readable material easily available to all Malawians leading to their national development. They are managing, promoting, and equipping fifteen libraries as their assigned task.

National Stadium

Bingu National Stadium is the national stadium of Malawi situated in Lilongwe. Mostly football matches are carried out in this stadium in addition to being used as an athletics track. It has the capacity of 41,100 people. It is a china funded stadium constructed on an area of 46,700 m2. This stadium is divided into two widely spread areas. The first and longest is being the augmented-concrete stands, fenced by a wide, spherical boulevard. The second part is comprised of a large roof with a height of 56 meters, making it more magnificent and splendor architecture.

National Game

The national game of Malawi is football played by all level boys such as teens as well as children of prep school. The Flames is the national football team of Malawi, which is regulated by the Football Association of Malawi. The football team was previously referred as the Nyasaland national football team. Among schoolgirls, netball has been known as the most famous game, and recently netball team has got the sixth rank internationally. It has also given remarkable and outstanding performance in national tournaments.

National River

The Shire, 402 kilometers long, is the national and largest river of Malawi. It flows into the Zambezi River in Mozambique. This river is divided into upper and lower part. The upper part oozes out from Lake Malawi and flows almost 12 miles and then falls into Lake Malombe, which then flows towards south crossing Liwond National Park. A large number of the hippopotamus are also found alongside this river.

National Mountain

The national mountain of Malawi is ‘’Mulanje Massif’. It is also known as ‘’Mount Mulanje’’. It is located in southern Malawi 65km east of Blantyre. Its maximum height is 3002m.This mountain has many high peaks, including Chambe peak. This mountain was formed by magmatic activity about 130 million years ago. The rocks formed by this magmatic activity was igneous rocks .people visit this mountain for climbing and hiking purposes.

National Park

The national park of Malawi is Liwonde National Park. Malawi has many beautiful and natural parks in it which are famous in the world for animals.It is located near the Shire River in the south of Malawi.It is also considered as Malawi’s premier is a well-managed park and has beautiful scenery. Animals, including Hippos, crocodile, Elephants, Zebra, and antelope are present there in large groups and colonies.

National Zoo

Lilongwe zoo is the national zoo of Malawi. It is very famous for its wild animals. The animals, including Hippos, elephants, Zebra, and crocodile and many land animals are present there. Lions are also coming again in this area of Malawi. Lilongwe wildlife trust was made for the care and protection of these animals.

National Forest

Dzalanyama forest is the national forest of Malawi. It is located in central Malawi at 40km southwest of Lilongwe. It also includes a steep range of hills. It is a great place to for walking, trekking or mountain biking. This forest is the home for miombo birdlife. There are streams and natural pools in this forest. Most of the people visit this forest to explore its beauty.

National Tree

Cedar is the national tree of Malawi. In 1984, it was declared as the national tree of Malawi. It occurs naturally on Mulanje Mountain that’s why it is also called as Mulanje Cedar. There are four species of this tree, and all are present in Africa. It is part of the cypress family. It is a high-value timber tree. It is used in construction and wood carving.

National Flower

Lotus is the National flower of Malawi. It grows in different areas of East Africa and South Asia. It has lily pads which float on the surface of the water and comfort the eyes. It grows to 45cm in height. Its color is white and pink. It is also used as an aquarium plant all over the world.

National Animal

National animal of Malawi is Thomson’s Gazelles. It is named after a researcher Joseph Thomson. They have light brown coats and stripes on their sides and a white patch under the tail. They have back curved rigid horns. Females have shorter and thin horns than male. They are famous in the world for their super fast speed. They can be distinguished from Grants by their size.

National Bird

Fish eagle is the national bird of Malawi. It is a large bird with 3 to 4kg weight. They have a wingspan of almost 2.4 m. The body length of this animal is almost 60 to 70 cm. They have a brown body with a white head and large black wings. Their eyes are dark brown. It lives near freshwater lakes and rivers.

National Fruit

National fruit of Malawi is the Banana. It is the famous fruit of Malawi. This banana is not very bigger as compared to Indian banana. Mulanje is the most famous area in the production of bananas. Mulanje banana is most famous in all over Africa.

National Vegetable

There is no specific national vegetable of Malawi. However, people of Malawi like vegetables of all types .they mostly like to eat amaranth, Ethiopian mustard, and blackjack. They also eat pumpkin, okra, tomato, and cabbage.

National Dish

Nsima is the national dish of Malawi. It is a cornmeal porridge. The other names of this dish are ngima, obusuma,kimnyet, nshima, sadza, and Kwon. It occasionally made from other flours like millet, sorghum flour and mixed with cassava. It mostly cooked in boiled water or milk. It has a delicious taste and the most favorite dish of almost all people of Malawi.

National Sweet

Mochi Bread is the national sweet of Malawi. It is made by using sugar, flour, eggs, bananas, milk, and baking powder. It very lights desert, and it is very popular among people of Malawi. Due to poverty, people made this dessert on festivals and their occasional events.

National Drink

Mawehu is the national drink of Malawi. It is a non-alcoholic drink. It is refreshing but unsweetened. It is made from maize meal. People used to quench their thirst by using this drink. This drink is mostly used in south Malawi. This drink is also served to the guests.

National Holiday

14 June is the national holiday of Malawi. This is the independence day holiday of Malawi. People enjoy this day with the core of their heart. They used to decorate their houses and streets and people go out for refreshment and enjoy. There are also other holidays, including New year,s day, Chilembwe Day, Martyr’s Day, Good Friday, republic day, etc.

National Income

The national income of Malawi is 21.88 billion dollars PPP. Malawi is not a rich country. More than half of the population living the life of poverty .economy rank of Malawi is 150th in the world. Its 80% economy based on agriculture because more than 80% of people are living in rural areas.


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