23rd June is national day of Luxembourg. It is celebrated to cherish the grand dukes official birthday. This day is also called as Luxembourgish national day. When the ruler is female this day is called as grand duchess’ official birthday. Although not a single ruler has this birth date , 23rd June. Earlier in history the rulers used to celebrate the national day on their real birthdays but in 23 December 1961 a single date , 23rd June is selected as official birthday of monarch.


Ons Heemecht is national anthem of Luxembourg. The words ons heemecth means OUR HOMELAND. This anthem was adopted in 1993. Lyrics of anthem were written by Michel Lentz in 1859 while music is composed by Michel Lentz in 1859. On 5 June 1864 anthem was first sung in front of public in two towns which are mentioned in the anthem. But this anthem was not complete and later in 17 June 1993 first and last stanzas were added to anthem.

Luxembourg National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

Luxembourg National Anthem Audio And Download Link:


National flag of Luxembourg is simple having three horizontal stripes of three different colors. The colors are red white and blue. Officially it was adopted by state in 1993 but earlier in 1845 and 1848 the flag was used too. This flag having triband color design is almost similar to flag of Netherlands except that the red and blue shades are darker in Netherlands flag in comparison. Also the Netherlands flag is bit smaller than that of Luxembourg. Red color symbioses the revolution and how vibrant their people are. Almost about 1830 when there was no flag , patriots had to use some colors for their identity at that time these colors were selected and later became colors of flag.


National emblem of country was originated from middle ages while it is derived from arms of Limbourg state. It was adopted in 1972. It has three versions of it , smeller , middle and greater version. Greater one has two crowded lions which serve as supporter. Order of grand duchy Luxembourg crown , all covered by ermine ornamental drapery crowned by crown of grand duke. While middle version has supporter, order and crown while in smaller version crown and shield are present only but no external ornaments are present.


Luxembourg is capital city of grand duchy Luxembourg called as Luxembourg city. It is country’s most populous area. There is a Luxembourg castle in this city which was built in middle ages. Luxembourg is home to 119,214 residents and is three times more than the second most populous city. In GDP Luxembourg city is ranked to second highest capita in world having $80,119 (PPP). This city covers area of about 51.46 km2


In Eurozone many countries share similar European currency as their national as well as official currency , similarly Luxembourg has same currency that is euro. € is symbol of euro. One euro is further divided into 100 cents. €50 €10 €5 €200 €20 €100 €500 are most commonly used bank notes. While 1 euro cent coin 10 euro cent coin 20 euro cent coin 2 euro cent coin are used. There are 12 stars arranged in semicircular form on a coin that represent the countries of Europe. These notes and coins are issued by the European central bank.


Luxembopuerg people are impressed by France and German fashion sense of clothing so they follow them. So the dress which they wore is based on western style fashion. Luxembourgs are also influenced by Italians , so women wear skirts and men do prefer wearing hats too. Luxemburg people are possessive to clothing sense , so the dress decently in public so that they look sophisticated while the old clothing are left for use at home.


Red , blue and white are the national colors of Luxembourg. These colors are present in their national flag too and back when there was no flag that was selected as identity of nation , patriots used to use these three colors for their identity while wars in battle fields. Red color shows revolution , dominancy and vibrant people. It also provides meaning of power and courage found in Luxembourg people.


Jean Portante is national poet of Luxembourg, he was born in 19 December 1950. He was a resident of Paris he was not only a poet but has a grip over other dimensions of literature too so he was a novelist , writer , poet , journalist, play writer, story writer. His work is printed in numerous books. Total he had own 6 awards on his brilliant work and in . 1986 he won Rutebeuf Prize for poetry. His work on poetry is merged into twenty books.


Luxair, is national airline of Luxembourg. The head quarter and hub of airline is located at Luxembourg airport. It was founded in 1962. It has fleet size of 19 and provides service to 64 destinations. A regular and non-charter service is provided by this airline.


National Museum of Natural History and National Museum of History and Art are national museums of Luxembourg. They both are present in capital city, Luxembourg city.

National Museum of Natural History contains eight separate scientific sections of botany,invertebrate zoology , geology and vertebrate zoology , geophysics and astrophysics, paleontology,mineralogy , and ecology.

National Museum of History and Art depicts many different human made historical artifacts and other art works.


National Library of Luxembourg was established in 1899 and according to 2017 census it has 750,000 books and 3500 magazines and scholar journals. All this work is a legal deposit and this library has a copyright.


Stade Josy Barthel is given status of national stadium of Luxembourg. It is ground used by national football team. Athletic are also played here and many rugby games are played here. It is located in Luxembourg City. Building 1928 – 1931 and open for public in same year 1931. It was renovated in 1990 again. It has a total capacity of 8,125 people.


Football is national game of Luxembourg. It is populous throughout the country. Luxembourg has a national football team and given the title of THE LIONS. But it is not a highly ranked team and is one of weakest team in world yet people play this game with zeal and zest and many clubs are formed throughout country.


There are many rivers that flow in country but none of them is given the status of national. Meuse Rhine ,Moselle ,Sauer ,Black Ernz ,Our ,Blees ,Alzette ,Wark ,Attert are the rivers that irrigate the land of country.


There is no official national mountain in Luxembourg yet Kneiff , buurgplaatz are the hilly mountains of Luxemburg. Buurgplaatz is 559 m high, while kneiff is 560m high and 1 m more in height from buurgplaatz.


German-Luxembourg Nature Park is park that is located in both countries and is a cross border park. It was established in 1964, 17 April. It is formed by collaboration of both countries and is source of recreation for people.


There is no national zoo of Luxembourg but parc animalier escher deierepark , parc merveilleux are the zoo which have gained popularity among masses. In these zoo many animal species are given home which are protected and cared. These zoos are a source for knowledge, research and recreation for people of country.


34% of Luxembourg is covered with forest and 28000 ha of planted forest and there is lot of biodiversity that exist there among which there are 375 types of amphibian species that are present. . But even being a richly forested land it has no specific national forest.


Luxemburg has no national tree though it is 34% forested area and even every year national tree day is celebrated by grand duke jean with sole purpose to create environment awareness among people and to protect environment from deforestation and other hazards.


Rose is the national flower of Luxembourg. It is also national flower of England. The country’s floral emblem contains this flower and this flower represents love , affection and compassion. This elegant rose is accepted for its fragrant beauty.


Lion is the national animal of Luxembourg. Scientifically they are called panther Leo. The color of Luxembourg lion is brown and males dominate in size over females. About 34000 lions are present in country but nowadays the population is in danger and threatened because humans have disturbed their natural habitat. They prey on wildebeests, zebras, bulls, buffaloes, babies of elephants and use them as a source of food. Their average life span is 10-14 years. Generally their habitat is open grasslands but they are also kept in zoos that are made by humans.


Gold crest is national bird of country. The bird is regarded as king of birds and in Europe this bird is smallest in size as compared to other birds. They are given this name gold crest because of the gold color they own on their skin.


Luxembourg is a country with grass lands and lot of vegetation is grown yet this country does not have any national fruit. Strawberries, apples , oranges are commonly grown fruits among which apple is grown in enormous amounts ad even in variety of sizes and species.


There is no national vegetable of Luxembourg yet carrots, beans , potatoes , onions , spices are grown in country and used as a source of food by people. These are used to make variety of dishes and foods .


Judd mat Gaardebounen is a traditional dish of Luxembourg that is also considered to be the national dish too. It is a dish whose main ingredient is meat that is smoked. Mostly pork is used which is soaked overnight. Vegetables along with spices to add flavor are boiled and added to smoked pork. Then this dish is served with boiled potatoes and beans. Also beer is served with this dish.

Bouneschlupp is another traditional dish that is considered as national dish of Luxembourg. This is a soup dish which is served with bacon , onions and potatoes. This soup is basically made from green beans.


There is no national sweet of Luxembourg yet many sweet dishes are made and enjoyed throughout the country which include dainty apple cake , ginger bread men , carnival donuts. These sweet deserts are mostly made on occasions and celebrations and people serve to other people as a source of friendship and happiness that they cherish together.


There are many drinks enjoyed thorough out country but not a single drink is considered official national drink yet sun kissed apple juice drink is gained popularity among masses. Beside that Luxembourgish wines and crémants are also best known in country.


There are many holidays that are national holidays enjoyed by country. These holidays include 1 January: New Year’s Day, 19 April: Good Friday , 22 April: Easter Monday , 1 May: May Day/Labor Day, 30 May: Ascension Day, 10 June: Whit Monday, 23 June : National Day (Grand Duke’s Birthday), 15 August: Assumption Day , 2 September: Luxembourg City Kermesse , 1 November: All Saints’ Day , 24 December : Christmas Eve (afternoon) , 25 December : Christmas Day , 26 December : St Stephen’s Day .


Luxembourg is a small country but it is second richest country in world according to 2011 report of IMF. It has 43.54 billion Purchasing Power Parity dollars (2017) gross national income. It has 62.4 billion USD gross domestic product and has 72,640 PPP dollars GNI per capita.


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