National Day

The national day of Iran is called Ruz e Jomhuri ye Eslami, which is celebrated in the first month of Iranian Persian Calendar, on 12 Farvardin. This country was voted into an Islamic republic from Pahlavi Dynasty. Almost 98% of Iranians voted for an Islamic republic. The voting was supposed to be different. However, Ruholilah Khemeini, the founder of Iran forced the communities to vote for the Islamic Republic, nothing else. 12 Farvardin also marks the day of Martyrdom of Imam Al Hadi. Therefore, this day usually arrives on the 1st of April every year.

National Anthem

Sorude Meliye Johmriye Eslami-ye Iran is the national anthem of Iran whereas, it was replaced by the old Anthem, which was known as Payande Bada Iran, which was the second smallest anthem in the world after Japan. This was written by Sayed Bagheri, in 1989 and was composed by Hassan Riyahi in 1988. Moreover, this Anthem was officially adopted in 1990.

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Iran National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag is more of a religious flag, which is known as parcham e Iran; this flag is a tricolor flag, which comprises of green, white, and red color divided into 3 equal stripes. It also consists of the National emblem placed in the center of the flag on the white background. The Takbeeer is written in white color at the bottom of the green color and the top of the red color. This flag was designed in 1907, which was the original version, whereas it was edited and adopted again in 1964 and the current flag was edited and adopted in July of 1980. The was designed by Hamid Nadimi.

National Emblem

The national emblem of Iran is also called as Nishan e Rasmi ye Iran; this has been adopted since the revolution which passed in 1979. The represents a word of Arabic Known as “Allah” which means God. The emblem also comprises of Crescent and sword curved with the emblem. There had been different emblems, which were used before the revolution. However, this was made the official emblem, which has a great significance in the country, which is also presented in the flag as a symbol for recognizing it internationally.

Capital of Iran

The capital of Iran is Tehran, which is one of the most populated city in Iran. Moreover, this city also ranks the 24th number for its high population of 8.7 million. This city was made the capital in the year 1796; moreover, this was suggested by Agha Muhammad Khan. Tehran has many historic places, which are still kept preserved, which makes it even more interesting and attractive for the tourists to explore the city for sure.

National Currency

Iranian Rial is the national currency of Iran, whereas this would also be known as Toman. The currency is not strong enough to as a Toman is equivalent to 10 Rials.

National Dress of Iran

National dress of Iran restricts many clothing, as it is mostly considered to be inappropriate for their community. The people of Iran usually wear loose clothes, which would cover their body to the full for both men and woman. The national dress consists of Chadorkamar, Shaliteh, and few others, which is unique with many traditions, as they do not like to cover up with a black Cloth known as Abaya. The men put on a cap with a cloth attached which runs down the body to 2 meters. Men often wear many types of shoes and scandals, which include the Harza, jufi, and Malaki.

National Colour

The national colour of the country is red, green, and white, as these colors are also present in their flag to show the significance of these colours. These colors show a sign of religious, dominant, and simplicity, which makes it unique.


National Poet

Simin Behbahani is the national poet of Iran, whereas she was born on 20 July 1927, she had been a very famous poet of Iran, whereas she was also an activist and lyricist. She was able to achieve a Nobel Prize twice in her lifetime, while small prizes were outnumbered. She has 3 children and married twice who was deceased in August of 2014.

National Airline

iran Air is the national carrier of the country, whereas this is one of the most successful airlines in the world. The airline now travels to more than 71 destinations out in the world. This airline was founded in 1944 whereas; it was known with a different name as Iranian Airways Company and commenced the operations in 1961. The main hub is based on Imam Khomeini International Airport. However, one of the hubs is also located in Mehrabad Airport. The carrier flies both domestic and international destinations.

National Museum

The National Museum is situated in the capital city of Iran, Tehran which is also known as the Muze ye Meli ye Iran, This museum was established in 1937, this museum has a collection of textiles, leftover potteries, and coins with books. This museum has been designed and architecture by French architects named as Andre Godard and Maxime Siroux. This museum holds up an area of 13,000 square yards. It holds up items such as yafteh, which are more than 30,000 years back.

National Library

The national library is based in the capital city of Tehran, whereas it has many branches all over the city. The national library is open to everyone, publicly moreover, it also circulates the items for personal use, as this was established in 1937, whereas it holds up a volume of 15,000,000 items including all journals, books, scripts and many other items. The budget of this library was set up to 44 billion Iranian rials.

National Stadium

The Azadi stadium is considered to be the national stadium of the country; it was opened for service 1971, this stadium has a capacity of 75,000 spectators. This stadium mostly hosts football matches, domestically and internationally. Moreover, this enormous stadium comprises of 2 entrance for eliminating too much chaos. This has been renovated several times and has been expanded in 2002, which is situated in Tehran.

National Game

There are many types of games being played by Iran internationally, wrestling, polo, chess, basketball, and many others. Whereas the national game of Iran is Football, which is the most popular game in the whole world, this is a national game for many of the countries. Iran has its national tea, which plays internationally. Iranians enjoy this game on a very large scale as football controls the emotions for many other countries.

National River

Aras River is considered to be the national river since it is the longest river in Iran, for more than 950 km. This river irrigates the land and joins the Caspian Sea.

National Mountain

The national mountain of Iran is Albors, which is located in a mountain range in the northern part of Iran. It is present at the border near Azerbaijan. This Mountain is the tallest mountain in the whole country, which is 18,606 ft. higher than the sea level. It is mostly snowing the northern part of Iran. Therefore, you might find numerous ski resorts; however, they are also considered to be one the best ski resort in the world.

National Park

There are many national parks of Iran; each one has its features and specialties. The list of national parks of Iran is:

Bakhtegan National Park
Bamu National Park — near Shiraz.
Golestan National Park
Lake Urmia National Park
Tandooreh National Park
Kavir National Park
Khabr National Park near Kerman.
These parks are quite attractive and beautiful, containing many types of different species of birds and plants. It is quite fascinating to visit these parks, whereas it also attracts a lot of tourism.

National Zoo

There are not many zoos in Iran, whereas, one of the leaders known as Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, visited Europe and was inspired by the modern zoo, as they lack in a zoo, therefore a zoo was planned and established in 1853 which was later expanded and renovated several times. They started gathering the animals from all over the world to facilitate the residents by the new zoo.

National Tree

The national tree of Iran is Mediterranean cypress, which has a dark green color and is mainly found in many parts of Iran. It has lose branches, which are hanging up along the stem. This tree has many uses, such as the wood can be used for making doors, and furniture, it can also be used for fragrances and many other types of colognes and different perfumes.

National Flower

The tulip is known as the national flower of the country as this flower is also known as the Queen of the flowers. Moreover, this flower is also known as the flower of love, whereas it is loved by everyone all around the world. Furthermore, it has a very attractive scent and appearance, which makes it very attractive. It can also be used for decorating your house or even gifting to your loved ones.

National Animal

The national animal of Iran is the Persian lion, which is also known as the king of the forests. This lion has a great significance as it is also found in their Currency. The animal is dominant and one of the strongest animals out there in the forest. This animal has a life span of 15 years the maximum, which can run faster as compared to many other animals.

National Bird

The national bird of Iran is known to be Common nightingale, which is quite famous for its songs. This bird is known as Nightingale due to the songs being sung at night, which is very recognizable and beautiful; therefore, it is named as Nightingale.

National Fruit

Pomegranate is considered to be the national fruit of Iran. It is one of the healthy fruits. Moreover, it is largely cultivated in Iran and a few other parts of the Middle East.

National Dish

Chellow kabab is the most famous and the national dish of Iran, which comprises of steamed Persian rice with kabab. Therefore, it can be served with different types of vegetables, such as tomato, onion, etc. There are many types of kababs which can be added with the rice, so you would not be bored with this dish at all. This dish is very compulsory in family gatherings or even other ceremonies.

National Sweet

There is no national sweet of Iran, whereas, you can find many types of famous sweet in Iran with different ways of serving. Yazd, kermam and Tabriz are the most famous sweets, which are loved by all Iranians.

National Drink

There is a national drink in every country which is loved by almost everyone, whereas it depends on their culture, climate, and traditions, however you will find all sorts of international brand in Iran, whereas the national drink is known as Doogh, this is a mixture of yogurt and mill which is added along with vegetables and is mostly served in summer and hot weather conditions.

National Holiday

There are several national holidays of Iran which include

Martyrdom of Fatima on February 9
Revolutionary day on February 11
Birthday of Imam Ali on March 20
Prophet ascension on April 3
Imam Mehdi birthday on April 22
Martyrdom of Imam Ali on May 26
Eid ul Fitr holidays
Martyrdom of Imam Sadiq on June 29
Eid ul Ghorban
Eid ul Ghadir
The demise of Prophet Muhammad and Martyrdom of Imam Hassan on October 28
Martyrdom of Imam Reza on October 29
Martyrdom of Imam Hasan al-Askari on November 6
Birthday of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and Imam Sadeq on November 15

National Income

The national income of Iran is 1.705 trillion PPP according to the survey of 2017. It can provide gas and oil to export, whereas it ranks out in the top 20 countries with the highest purchase power parity. In 2018, the US stopped trading with Iran along with many different countries, which resulted in crises. However, China kept trading and helped Iran out of crises, which now has a great economy.


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