Iceland is a country situated in the Atlantic Ocean, north. A beautiful destination for tourism because it has charming glaciers, mud pools, adventurous waterfalls, and many enthralling sites. Due to its beauty and natural landscape, it has always been a motivation for artists and photographer. The landscape is captivating as it is pure, crystal clear, and free from harmful toxins.

Moreover, Iceland enjoys the perk of every season as it has warm summers with greenery everywhere, winters with amazing moderate cold. In which you can enjoy the beauty of nature and landscapes. The land is the best sport for nature lovers as it has all the natural sites that a person wish to visit. Fresh greenery, no pollution, no hustle, and free from harmful smokes. This land is also marked as one of the purest country in the world. Moreover, the population of this country is not too much.

National Day

Iceland celebrates its national day on 17 June. This is the day when Iceland got its own identity and isolated from Denmark. On this national day, they have parades and various national shows to exhibit their patriotism and spirit towards their country. These ceremonies include speeches, anthems, and national celebrations. Iceland chooses 17 June as their national day because on that day their most pioneer leader Jon Sigurosson was born. He was the main spirit that triggered the nation to be a separate entity. They spend their national day quite traditionally and enthusiasm. According to them, this day gives a new title to them, and they got redemption of being submissive.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Iceland is “Lofsongur,” which means “O God, of our Land.” The composer of the anthem is “Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornson.” Though the tune and composition is done before the independence, it is adopted as a national anthem after Iceland got a title of a separate entity from Denmark. The lyrics of the anthem was proposed by one of the renowned poets of Iceland. Also, the anthem faced criticism due to its complexity of vocals, and still it is facing criticism. Some officials are demanding to consider this song as non-religious.
Iceland National Anthem Video and Download Link:

Iceland National Anthem Audio and Download Link:

National Flag

The base color of the flag is dark blue upon there is a cross design of two colors, i.e. red and white. The white cross represents the snow and glaciers of the country and red portrays the volcanoes of a country because not every country is blessed with volcanoes. Moreover, the blue part of the flag represents that pure oceans surround the country. It was first manifested in 1897, but after independence, the flag was modified by a red and white cross. Initially the flag is only dark blue only depicting the oceans of country. Iceland has particular days on which flag hosting is done on a national platform. These days include Iceland’s president birthday, New Year, Good Friday, Easter, national day and Christmas.

National Language

The official and national language of Iceland is “Icelandic’. The language has similarity with the German language too. The language did not transform until its formation because the nation resists changes in their language. They even did not succumbed to Danish, and even when sharing territory with them, they did not adopt their language and culture.

Due to trade routes, many merchants introduce natives with English, Danish, Swedish, and French, but they considered them as a foreign language and did not collaborate these languages with their language. According to the study, 92% of pollution in Iceland speaks Icelandic. Moreover, English is necessary to subject in their education system, which shows they know the importance of English on the international level. They know that while communicating with other countries, they have to speak English because they do not want to rely on a translator.

Capital of Country

Capital of Iceland is “Reykjavik.” It is the main hub of Iceland where economic, cultural, and tourism activities. As it is considered as a premium destination for tourists. Initially, the city was known as a trading town of Iceland, and now it is considered as official commerce center if Iceland. The city is one of the world’s purest, safest and natural city as it is free from pollution and unhealthy toxins. The city has a moderate climate, not too cold/hot, and the city is most populated in the country. Further, it is divided into 10 districts name vesterbur, Mioborg, Hiloar, Haaleti, etc. Moreover, the city is famous for its nightlife as there are bars, live music and arts going on at nights and people enjoy this.

National Currency

The national currency of Iceland is “Krona.” The currency has coins and banknotes both. The central bank of Iceland handles the currency because the volume of currency is very less. This is the result of a disruption in the banking sector of Iceland in 2008, which distorted the whole economy of Iceland. This is the main cause of devaluation of the Icelandic krona. Also, Iceland is not part of the European Union, so it cannot trade in Euros too. Apart from this, some hotels or shops do accept dollars from tourist too, which means dollars must be providing them profit as compared to their currency.

National Dress

Iceland has various types of national costumes for men and women. For women, there are particular 5 types of costumes, which they wore on different occasions, and same is with men too. Dresses for women are Kyrtill, Peysuft, Faldbuningur, Upphluturn, and skautbuningur. These all dresses are long skirts with headscarfs. They are variations of each other. All these costumes are a derivation of Faldbuningur.

National Game

Though Iceland does not declare any specific game as their country’s identity, they are good in various sports and athletics. As people are good in many sports including archery, volleyball, football, basketball, swimming, and tennis. Iceland is excellent in all sports and played it at an international level with other countries. Initially, in the 19th century, Iceland mostly has one sport, and that is shooting. Now Iceland is promoting sports of every type.

National Color

Iceland do not have any national color, but their preferred colors are dark blue, white and red. That is the reason their flag have all three colors. As Iceland is an Atlantic country surrounded by ocean water. This seems a blessing to them, and the dark blue color represents the blessing of God in terms of water. Then comes a red color that portrays the volcanic happenings in the country. As not every country is bestowed with such blessings. Lastly, the white colors manifest the charming glaciers and snow peaked places of the country.

National Poet

“Jonas Hallgrimsson” is a national poet of Iceland. He had done a lot of literature work in the freedom moment of Iceland. To provoke nationalism and unity among natives of Iceland, he started writing his journal. Also, he is known as the most famous romantic poet of Iceland, and the government has issued a special award to honor the poet. This award is given every year to the poet of the new generation who are doing exceptional in the field of literature. His mostly writings are romantic and related to the fascinating landscapes of Iceland.

National Airline

“Icelandair” is the national airline of Iceland. The airline operates its services among 16 countries and its 48 cities. Due to the 2008 crisis, Icelandair is also affected by the economy down, but now it is recovering all the loss. The airline has three main classes for booking, i.e. Saga class, economy, and light economy. Therefore, that everyone with budget issues can take flights, but a free meal is only catered in saga class of an airline. Moreover, crafts have the latest entertainment systems, including comfortable seats, separate screens, and handsets for passengers.

Moreover, special cases such as disables, pets an infants are looked after by staff deliberately. The airline takes flights to 23 places of North America and “Pjoominjasafn” is an n26 to Europe. Apart from this, the airline also has a notable history of incidents of the crash and missing.

National Museum

National Museum of Iceland. It has very captivating monuments and displays that take back its viewers to the history of Iceland and all the struggles their ancestors had done to get this country. Moreover, the museum has many paintings that depict their cultures and traditions. The main exhibition of the museum has over 2000 heritage discovered from the country. Moreover, the museum organizes arts and cultural nights for tourists to show their colorful cultures to others.

National Mountain

“Herdubreid” is known, as the national mountain of Iceland as well as “queen of Iceland mountains.” on its peak is a national park of Iceland, which has charming glacier and enthralling surroundings. The mountain is quite catchy for the tourists and never fails to refresh visitors. Mountain guides is necessary for the hikers.

National Forest

“Hallormsstaour” is a national forest of Iceland. The forest is situated in the area of 740 hectares and is the largest forest of Iceland. Also, the forest has a village, hotel, trails, and picnic points for tourists. The forest has many unique species, including birds such as goldcrest, pipits, woodcocks, and wagtails. Everyone can visit the forest as there is no restrictions. As it has many facilities and easily reachable.

National Flower

National flower of Iceland is “Dryas.” It is also known as “mountain avens.” It grows everywhere in Iceland, especially in the mountains. The plant is not merely for beauty purpose but also used in medication too. As it is a useful herb to reduce inflammation. One of the interesting fact related to this flower is that they cultivated more in a place where thieves were hung in the past. This fact gave the name “thief roots” to this flower. The petals of the flower are white while the inner part is a yellowish color.

National Bird

“Gyrfalcon” is a national bird of Iceland and is also known as the bird of prey. The bird only lives in coastal areas of the world and not so common. The bird fed their selves with mammals and fish. Moreover, it is not hostile to humans. The birds seem quite immaculate as they are pure and beautiful, which symbolize them like freedom and power. As according to natives, the national bird represents the beauty of their country and now becomes their country’s identity. As it has a majestic appearance that can attract anyone toward itself.

National Vegetable

However, Iceland do not have any national vegetable, but they grow tomatoes in a large amount.

National Dish

Iceland national dish is “Hakar.” Most of their cuisines consist of dairy products, lambs, and seafood. As the country is the oceanic area. So they mostly eat seafood, including crabs, prawns, and fishes. But now due they are also consuming vegetables too.

National Drink

“Brennivin” is the popular drink of Iceland. The drink is made from mashed potato and grains with flavors. It tastes like vodka and drunk lot by people of is considered as a unique kind of alcohol because of its ingredients. The taste of the drink is unsweetened, but it is served chill. Also, the drink has praised on an international level too, and now they are exporting the drink to the US.

National Holiday

Iceland spends national holidays on the New Year, Easter, Good Friday, the first day of summer, Mayday, white Monday, Independence Day, commerce day, Boxing Day, and New Year eve. As Iceland is a Catholic religion country, so most of its events are related to Christianity. They celebrate events like New Year, Easter and Christmas quite spiritually.

National Income

Iceland has a national income of 18.33 dollars. Every year it is a notable increase in the GDP of Iceland because its tourism sector is rising every coming year. Ice land is earning good because of its natural sites, captivating glaciers, volcanoes, and exotic landscapes. That compel tourists to visit this beautiful site again and again. Its mesmerizing beauty takes tourist to the dreams of fairyland.


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