National Day

The national day marks out the date of 1st of October, every year. However, this is celebrated in the remembrance of founding the People’s Republic of
China in 1949. This had been started to celebrate every year since the Chinese got full control over the country and got rid of British Rule in 1997. This day is celebrated in many types of ways in China to aware the youth about the struggles that have been made before having their independent country; this is celebrated in China, Hong Kong, and Macau as well.

National Anthem

The National Anthem Bill is a proposal and a law which has been made to protect the dignity of March of the Volunteers, which is the national anthem of China. This was made for the citizens of Hong Kong to respect the National Anthem, as the Hong Kong residents were not supporting the National Anthem of China, moreover it caused many penalties in the international FIFA world cup when the anthems were played, and the HONG Kong residents started booing during their national Anthem, this happened multiple times which resulted in this Law. However, the National Anthem Bill was officially published 11 January 2019.

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National Flag

The National flag is one of the attractive flags which consists of a red background along with a white 5 petal Hong Kong Orchid. This Flag was Officially designed and got approved on the 4th of April 1990, whereas this was adopted in 1997 and was visible everywhere representing as a symbol for the whole country. However, there were various flags which were used to represent until this flag was founded.

National Emblem

The national emblem of Hong Kong was adopted in 1997, which has a very similar structure to the flag. It comprises of a white 5 petal Hong Kong Orchid. Therefore, it also has a red circular background surrounded by a strip which indicates the traditional name of the country in Chinese as well as in English. This emblem is being used in many places all over Hong Kong; this is mostly found in government house or even at cars of the government.

National language

There are two official languages of Hong Kong, including English and Chinese, since these languages are spoken at a very large scale. Most of the residents include the migrants from China, whereas, English has been spoken due to the British rule in the history which left a part of it. Therefore, mandarin and other native languages are also spoken rarely by few people. Therefore Chinese is the national language for Hong Kong.

Capital of Nation

It is very important to realize that Hong Kong is not a country, a state, or even a nation or city. This is an independent part of the world which has a City Hall with no Mayor. However, Victoria was known to be the capital, whereas it was the only established and developed city where the British started ruling and expanding the territory. However, even this is not the capital, Since Hong Kong is the capital Itself of the country Known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

National Currency

The National Currency of this country is known as the Hong Kong Dollar. This is sub dived into 100 cents similar to a US dollar. The people of Hong Kong realized the importance of the currency when the trading post was established, and there was no national currency to be circulated Therefore, This currency was adopted. This currency is accepted by 3 world bank’s around the whole world.

National Dress

The national dress for the woman is known as Cheongsam, which is a body-hugging gown which is also famous as the Mandarin gown. This is a long gown, which is a traditional dress for the Chinese woman being followed from centuries. Manchu is the type of dress which is worn by both men and women. This was also known as Changpao in the past.

National Color

The national Color of Hong Kong is red, which is quite significant as this is a festive color which is used in celebrations, whereas now it is also used to represent the country by the color.


National Poet

Leung Ping-Kwan is considered to be the national poet of the territory, as he is one of the most multi-talented people who have strived their best. He has been one of the most important idols of Hong Kong since; he has been a teacher, novelist, translator, scholar, poet and an essayist who had also won a Medal of honor within Hong Kong. He was born in March of 1949 and was deceased on 5th of January 2013.

National Airline

The main Flag carrier of Hong Kong is known as The Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, the main headquarter and hub is based in Hong Kong International Airport. This carrier also provides cargo service to more than hundreds of destinations. It was established back on 24 September 1946. Moreover, this airline is also ranked in the top ten most sales and revenue generating airline of the whole world.

National Museum

Hong Kong Museum of History is considered to be the national museum of Hong Kong since it has the most historical archaeology, natural and local history with ethnography. Whereas, this stadium is established in 1975.

National Library

Hong Kong Central Library is an enormous library in Hong Kong which covers an area of 33,800 square meters. This costed more than 690 million Hong Kong Dollars, which comprises of more than 2.3 Million items including books, newspapers, maps, music scores and several other items. Therefore this also used as a public library and circulates the books and has been in service since May of 2001. It consists of many different floors with organized books; you will also find cafeteria for your convenience.

National Stadium

The national and venue stadium of Hong Kong is named as Hong Kong Stadium; this was an old government stadium. It can hold up a 40,000 crowd, whereas it can also be expanded further. Mostly Football matches are played in this stadium, this was established in 1953 and has been renovated twice. The budget for this stadium was 85.1 million US dollars. This stadium mostly hosts soccer matches or even rugby matches at times.

National Game

Sports is like a culture of Hong Kong since sports is quite enjoyed in the territory. Due to British rule, the residents are influenced in the Athletics such as horse riding, which has many spectators, cycling race, badminton, and other Olympic sports.

National River

There are many different rivers in Hong Kong, and most of them are quite long and beautiful, which attracts tourists.

National Mountain

The national mountain of Hong Kong is known as Wutong Mountain, which is located near the border of Luoho. This mountain is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen which is 943.7m tall. This mountain consists of many animals and plants with different species. It has more than a thousand species of rescular plants and more than 500 species of insects and around 200 species of animals. This mountain is based in a forest known as Tai Mo Shan, which is one of the national parks of Hong Kong and is also known for its a beautiful view.

Natural Park

There are several parks in Hong Kong, which makes it difficult to choose any of them as a national park since they all have different types of features and attractiveness. There is a park named Tai Mo Shan Country Park, which also has the highest mountain in Hong Kong. Therefore you would surely experience low temperature at the top. It100han 100 species of birds and has many snakes and other animals.

National Zoo

The only zoo Hong Kong had was established in 1871; however, it was found in 1864, which is known as Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. This covers an area of 5.6 hectares. It consists of more than 700 animals inside the zoo. This also comprises many gardens of different types.

National Tree

The national tree of Hong Kong is known as Bauhinia, which is also known as the Orchid tree. This Tree has a great significance as this tree gives out the national flower of Hong Kong; moreover, it is also one of the most attractive trees which would enhance the look of the forests. Besides the good looks, this tree has many uses as well as this also produces flowers known as orchids, which is used as a symbol to represent their country.

National Flower

The national flower of Hong Kong is Orchids, as they play a major role in the country as they would find almost everywhere, in the forests and parks. Moreover, this is also used as a symbol to represent the country internationally, as it is printed on the flag and is openly visible to all. Moreover, it is also printed in their emblem, which shows the importance of this flower. The flowers are too beautiful and attractive that they can be used to enhance the look of the houses and gardens especially.

National Animal

The National Animal of Hong Kong is The Giant Panda, which is a specie of a bear. The animal is quite recognizable and is found in China, too at a very large scale. Moreover, this panda is very attractive and was endangered and got nearly extinct. The average life span of this animal is between 20-35 years.

National Bird

There is no National bird of Hong Kong, whereas you would find many types of different species of bird in the parks, forests, and mountains, with thousands of birds with different families and species. It is still under consideration, to have a specific bird as the national bird of Hong Kong.

National Fruit

No fruit has been decided to be the national fruit of Hong Kong. Whereas you would find many types of different food in the market as well as being cultivated, all fruits are loved in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is quite difficult to pick one as their national fruit.

National Dish

There are several dishes you may find in Hong Kong; they are influenced both my British and Chinese cuisine. These dishes are quite delicious and are known all around the world. Hong Kong mainly consists of Chinese cuisine, which consists of rice and noodles; Dim Sum is also one of the famous breakfast of Hong Kong, which is well known and tasty. These foods are mostly compulsory in gatherings and weddings or any special occasion.

National Holiday

Hong Kong celebrates the national holiday annually on the first of October. Whereas, there are numerous public holidays on many different occasions. At this national holiday, the offices and educational systems are closed, and residents enjoy their day in different types of ways. Immaculate and very impressive fireworks are visible everywhere at this public holiday. There is a huge gathering where thousands of residents unite at a place, and the fireworks are played. There are several ways to enjoy this day as you have many different options; there are many functions and events you can join to kill your time easily. You can go out with your family to enjoy fireworks; however, the places get too crowded. Therefore you need to be there at the right time to secure a good place.

National Income

The national income of Hong Kong is 473.8 billion PPP. This is one of the best leading economies which has been rapidly increasing every year. Hong Kong is well known for low taxation, which makes it easier for the residents to settle. Hong Kong has free port trade; moreover, it has its market established all over the world. This is considered to be the best place to start a business, as it is quite easy to live in Hong Kong due to economic and taxation freedom. Hong Kong is the only economy which was able to score 90 points on a scale of 100.


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