National Day

East Timor national day is celebrated on 20th May of every year as their independence day.

This important day marks the independence won my Timor Leste from Indonesia in 2002. This day is also referred to as independence restoration day of East Timor. Therefore, this day is celebrated as Independence Day and is a public holiday. However, in past East Timor was ruled by the Portugal rule since the 16th century. Therefore, it was conquered by the Indonesian in November 1975. Therefore, in 1999 with the help of the United Nations, Indonesians released the territory and left the state, whereas East Timor joined the United Nations and Portuguese Speaking country.

National Anthem

Pàtria is the national anthem of East Timor.

It was originally adopted when East Timor unilaterally declared its independence from Portugal in 1975. However, this usage would be short-lived when Indonesia infamously invaded the country. It was officially adopted when the independence was again restored in 2002 from Indonesia. The national anthem was sung in Portuguese, which now has a Tetum version too. This national anthem was written by Francisco Borja Da Costa and was composed by Afonso Redentor Araujo. The National Anthem is now hosted in many different places to represent the country internationally, such as games being played internationally. This is also a symbol to represent the country.

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National Flag

The new East Timor flag was officially adopted on May 20th, 2002.

It has a yellow triangle, which represents the prior colonial history, it has a black triangle that represents the prior obscurantism, while the red star is the symbol of struggle and liberation and the white star is the symbol of peace. The national flag is also one of the symbols, which is used to recognize the country by the flag.

National Emblem

The coat of arms of East Timor is one of the national symbols of East Timor.

The emblem was adopted on Jan 18, 2007. The emblem contains upside down shield with a red bordure symbolizes mount Ramelau, the highest peak in the country. There have been many different emblems during the decades; however, it is permanent now.

The shield shows five-pointed stars with five rays of light. An open red book is resting upon a yellow industrial gear, rice, and a corn ear an assault weapon with a bow. The motto is union, action, and progress. It is a design based on when the country unilaterally independence on November 28, 1975.

National Language

The national language of East Timor is Tetum, which is quite similar to Portuguese.

Tetum is spoken and understood by every single person of East Timor and is also known as colonialism or independence language of East Timor. There are both Austrasiana and Papuan languages been spoken all over the country. Portuguese and Tetum are the two official languages whereas the second languages are Indonesian and English, which also play a major role in the country for different purposes. According to a survey of 2009, there are more than 385,000 native speakers of Tetum.

Capital of The Nation

Dili is the capital of East Timor. Which is also known as the city of peace.

It lies in the Ombai strait on the northern coast of Timor Island, the easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Dili is the chief port and commercial center of East Timor. It also has an airport. The population over here is generally Timorese and Atonese. In 1976, Dili was designated as the capital of East Timor.

National Currency

The national currency of East Timor is the US Dollars.

The currency before the dollar was the Indonesian rupiah, which was changed in the year 2000, as the economy was not stabilized. Furthermore, the United Nations made a decision to apply the US dollar as the National currency to stabilize the country financially; however, the salvage government of East Timor also agreed this. The currency is very similar to the US dollar; even the notes are the same as the ones being used in the USA.

National Dress

National dress of East Timor is Tias.

It is made is two styles; the first one is mane and feto. The mane Tias of East Timor is made of the clothing, which is worn following the style of Sarong around the waist of the person and the other one feto Tias, is in urban style modern clothing. Besides the traditional clothing, they are also into western clothing, which is quite famous across them, such as Pant and T-shirt.

National Colour

Black is the national color of the country as it is the darkest color, which shows prosperity. However, this is also added in the flag, which is used as a symbol to represent their country; this shows the great significance of the color. This color will also be found in the national emblem of East Timor.


National Poet

Xanana Gusmao is the national poet of East Timor.

He was born on 20 June 1944 and has been the first prime minister of East Timor, whereas he was elected again as the fourth Prime minister. He is also famous for his writings and poets, which has achieved him many awards.

National Airline

The national airline of East Timor is Air Timor SA.

Its airport is in the capital of the country, which is Dili that is why it is given the status of the national airline. It was adopted as the national airline in 2010. It has a total number of six destinations, and it flies internationally too. This Airline was known as Austasia Airlines as it used to fly from Australia to Indonesia from 2001 til 2007. However, it switched over to East Timor and formed the national Airline.

National Museum

Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum is the only museum you will find; moreover, this museum is based in the capital city, Dili. This museum has all the historical items and information about the struggles in the war of independence from Indonesia. This museum was opened In December 2005, whereas the prime ministers had also participated in the inauguration ceremony. The museum is very Important since they do not have a lot of museums to display their historic and ancient sculptures.

National Library

National library of East Timor is The National Library of East Timor.

This library has been under construction since 2011 and is still under construction; this is situated at the capital city Dili. It was originally established back in 2009 and had a collection of over 2,500 books and journals. The library has many historical books to present out to the citizens of East Timor.

National Stadium

The national stadium of East Timor is Estadio Nacional de Timor-Leste.

It is mostly used for association football matches. The stadium holds 5000. In 2002 hosted the kylie Manhogue and John Frahnman as a reward for Australian services in assisting for independence. Until 2006, it was neglected, but in 2011, it was renovated again and was used for various games. Cristiano Ronaldo was also hosted in this stadium; this stadium has also been renovated to improvise the entertainment. FIFA world cups first match was held in this stadium against Mongolia, which resulted in a great victory.

National Game

East Timor is one of the developing countries who has not yet contributed to the international games. However, they have participated in the Olympics at a very large scale in different types of sports. They have recently started to gain more interest in the games.

National River

There are several rivers in East Timor, which have been quite difficult to pick one as the national river of the country as there are many rivers with different flows and views.

National Mountain

The country is mostly occupied by several mountains all over. Therefore, the highest mountain is located in the capital city, which is known as Tatamailu, which is also known as Mount Ramelau and is 2,963 meters above sea level.

National Park

Nino Konis Santana National Park is the national park, which was founded in August 2007. It covers an area of 1,236 Km. This park has been named after a Commando named as Nino Konis Santana; this park also has many sorts of birds and animals which have taken shelter and are critically endangered. There are many different parks in the country as it is filled with trees and animals.

National Bird

There are many forests and parks, which include more than 250 species. Therefore, the Timor Pigeon is known to be the national bird of the country, which is one of the attractive birds and very different from others, which makes it even more special. The national bird is not usually found on stamps or coins, whereas it plays great importance in the country.

National Flower

National flower of East Timor is Hibiscus flower.

It is red and is also known as Chinese rose. It is a symbol of love as this flower is very attractive and beautiful at the same time. These flowers require a warm temperature to grow. Moreover, it is also used as decorating parks and gardens to enhance the look.

National Animal

National animal of East Timor is the dreaded crocodile.

Crocodile is a reptile that lives in water and was considered as the national animal of East Timor in 2003 to show that they are as strong and brave like a crocodile and will not let the enemy besiege their area. This animal has a very long life span for about 70 years. Moreover, the weight varies between 150 lbs. to 450 lbs. This animal is one the most dangerous animal out there in the forests; moreover, this reptile is kept as the national animal due to its bravery and dominance.

National Dish

Its main ingredients are pork, basil, rice, corn, vegetables, fish, tropical Fruits, and root vegetables. There are many dishes. However, none of them is yet considered to be the national dish. This dish is quite necessary for the people in the country, as this is very important in gatherings and special occasions. The dish is very easy to cook, and there are different dishes, which are easily prepared and have a delicious taste.

National Holiday

The national holiday of East Timor is on 20th May of every year as it is their independence day.

Other holidays include Labor Day that is on 1st May is the public holiday. November 1st is a national holiday known to be All saints day. November 2nd is All souls day, and November 12th is national youth day, and one of the very most important is the declaration of independence, which is celebrated on 28th of November every year as a national holiday. There are many ways to celebrate these particular holidays; some people prefer spending their time with family and friends, whereas many of them go out to attend events and functions in the remembrance of their struggle during the way of independence.

National Income

The national income of East Timor according to 2017 census was 8.1 billion PPP Dollars.

The GDP per capita income yearly is 6.77 million Dollars, and GNP per capita income is 4.33 million Dollars. The yearly income of a single person is 65.1 thousand dollars yearly. The growth of GDP is by the rate of 1% every year. The country is still developing and is one of the poor countries. However, they are trying to cope up with the generation. The national income is expected to be increasing in the coming years. However, the population is also getting increased.


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