National Day

National Day in Denmark is observed on June 5th. It is also the constitution day of Denmark as it celebrated the Danish constitution. The first constitution (the year 1849) and current Danish constitution (the year 1953) was signed on June 5th. This day is celebrated by all people in churches, and many political parties unite to raise the Danish flag. Most of the shops remain closed on that day, and political meetings take place at different places.

National Anthem

“Der er et yndigt land” is the national anthem of Denmark, translated into the English language as “There is a lovely country.” It was written by Adam Oehelenschlager in 1819. The music was composed by Hns Ernst Kroyer in 1835.

Denmark is a country that has two national anthems. “Kong Christian stod ved højen mast” is known as a royal anthem as well as the second national anthem. Johannes has composed the lyrics of Denmark’s national anthem.

Denmark National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Denmark National Anthem Video And Download Link:

National Flag

The flag of Denmark name is Rigets flag which is also known as splitflaget. The national flag of Denmark is red containing a white cross, which extends to edges of the flag. It is named as Dannebrog. It was adopted in 1748. The fact about this flag is that it is one of the oldest continuously used flags which is never changed until its made.

National Emblem

The national coat of Denmark consists of three blue lions wearing crowns and nine red lilypads all inside a golden shield with 9 hearts around all of the lions. This current design was introduced in 1819.

Capital of Denmark

The Capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. It is also the most populous country of Denmark. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of New Zealand, and a small portion of the city is located in Amager. Copenhagen has the total population of 777,218. Copenhagen is the home of many technical and IT universities. There is also a University of Copenhagen which is one the oldest universities in Denmark which was formed in 1479. It has many famous football clubs present in this city. One of the beautiful fact about this city is that it is a bicycle-friendly city.

National Currency

The national currency of Denmark is named as Danish crone. It was introduced on Jan 1, 1875. The ISO code od currency is “DKK,” and currency sign is “kr.” The literal meaning of krone is crown this also referred to as a Danish crown in English

National Dress

The traditional dress of Denmark varies from region to region. The traditional dress of Denmark dates back to 250 years ago. In demark the national dress is just alike as US they wear handmade clothes. Dresses are mostly made from wool or falx. Men’s clothes are mostly composed of flax and wool with leathers on their knees, and both men and women wear long leather shoes under their cloths.

National Color

National color of Denmark is Red and white. National colors of mostly countries depend on the color of their flag because it has some historical background or any symbolic representation in that.


National Poet

The national poet of Denmark is Adam Oehelenschlager, born in Vesterbro. He was a Danish poet and play writer. He introduced romanticism in Danish literature.

National Airline

The national airline of Denmark is Scandinavian Airline system, abbreviated as SAS. It is shared by Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and carries the flag of these three Scandinavian countries. This airline contains 169 aircrafts which travel to 123 destinations in all over the world. In 2017 Scandinavian airline carried passengers total count of 28.6 million to different countries and cities which achieved the revenue of 40billion in that year. This is the reason which makes this airline an 8th largest airline in the whole of Europe.

National Museum

The national museum of Denmark is named as National Museum of Denmark. It is the largest museum of Denmark’s cultural history. It is located in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. This museum contains many histories of Danish of around 14000 years and foreign cultures in it. The section which was based on Danish history was reopened after a long time of renovation in the year 2008. There are also many religious arts present there that attracts people of different people who have an interest in middle ages time.

National Library

The national library of Denmark is the Royal library, situated in Copenhagen. It is also one of the largest libraries of the world and largest in Nordic countries. It was founded in 1648. It contains many historical treasures and copies of work written in Denmark in the back 17th century are paced there for readers. It has a total collection of books around 35.4 million. There are many people working there of total of 591 persons of staff.

National Stadium

Telia Parken stadium is the national stadium of Denmark. It was built from 1990 to 1992. This is one the largest stadium in Denmark. This stadium has 38,056 of total capacity in it for the football team matches. It costs around 640million DKK of the total amount.

National Game

Football is the national and most popular game in Denmark. It has also qualified for many European championships. It consists of over 1600 clubs nationwide with more than 313000 players in different teams. They have also qualified for Europeans champions trophy continuously six times. Denmark team reached to the of rank 3rd in back 1997 in Fifa world cup ranking.

National River

There are many rivers in Denmark. They are named as Odense River, Pøleå, Varde, Vidå, Suså Esrum Å, Køge Å, Usserød Å, Vejle River and many more.

National Mountain

National mountain of Denmark is Himmelbjerget. It is located between Ry and Silkeborg. It has a height of 147m and is one of the highest points in the Danish landscape.

National Park

There are total six national parks in Denmark named as Northeast Greenland national park, the national park, Mois Bjerge national park, Wadden Sea national park, land of the scylding national park and last of all is kongernes nordsjaelland national park.

National Zoo

The national zoo of Denmark is known as the Copenhagen zoo. This zoo was formed in 1859; it is one of the oldest zoo present in Europe. It is based on 11 hectares means 27 acres. There was recorded visitors 1,161,389 back in 2008. It is one of the top 4rth most visited places in Denmark.

National Forest

There are a total of 10 largest forests in Denmark. Those forests names are silkeborgskovene, rold skov, klosterheden, gribskov, almindingen, kompedal plantage, etc. The largest amongst of all is silkeborgeskovene of total area 224 km per square.

National Tree

There are two nation tree of Denmark, and those are European beach and Pedunculate oak.

National Flower

Marguerite Daisy is the national flower of Denmark. Marguerite Daisy produces single, large, and daisy-like flowers in summer.

National Animal

National animal of Denmark is Mute swan, which is a beautiful big duck white in color and small tortoiseshell, which is a butterfly. They have a life span of around 30 years. It is present in 500,000 quantity. The fact about swans is they are very intelligent and the about who was good to them.

National Bird

The national bird of Denmark is Mute swan. This bird is a nation representation of peace and politeness. This bird was treated as a national bird in 1984 for the first time. This present in almost in the whole of Denmark.

National Fruit

Government of Denmark has declared Marguerite Daisy as the national fruit of Denmark.

National vegetable

Denmark has mostly potatoes in their country of total area 821 hectares, and after that, it has carrots with total area of 404 hectares and then onions with an area of 75 hectares.

National Dish

Crispy pork with parsley sauce is a national dish of Denmark. It is a very old and traditional dish.

National Drink

Akvavit is the national drink of Denmark. It is the most famous local liquor and which forms from potatoes and grains. This is a form of refined alcoholic beverage.

National Holidays

General Prayer Day, 17 May, is the national holiday of Denmark. It is a collection of some small Christian holy days. Ascension Day is another national holiday of Denmark occurring on 30th May each year. Whit Monday is also national holiday of Denmark celebrated on 10 June each year.

National Income

The GDP of Denmark is 450$ billion. The GDP grew by 2.1% in 2017. Gross National Product in Denmark increased to 529677 DKK Million in the fourth quarter of 2018 from 524758 DKK million in 2018. Gross National Product in Denmark averaged 420831.11 DKK Million from 1991 until 2018, reaching as high as 529677 DKK Million in the fourth quarter of 2018. The GDP per Capita is 46600$.

There are many countries who do trading with Denmark which exports many machineries, meat products, and dairy products to other countries. Denmark imports mainly include raw materials, equipment, and many more. Demark exports are more than its imports; that’s why its GDP is far better than many countries and helps in making a good income.


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