National Day

National day of Cabo Verde is celebrated on 5th July.It is Independence Day and was first celebrated on 5th July 1973.

National Flag

The national flag of Cabo Verde consists of the basic design derived from the flag of the African party. It was adopted as the national flag of the country in 1961.

Blue field lines and stripes bearing a ting of 10 yellow stars symbolize the 10 main islands of Cabo Verde in Atlantic Oceans

National Anthem

Cantico da Liberdade is the national anthem of Cabo Verde It was made official in 1996.

The music was composed by Adal Berto Higino Tvares Silva in 1996. And the lyrics were written by Amilcar Spencer lopes in 1948. The lyrics of the anthem describes the importance of liberty, hope, and humanity.

Cabo Verde National Anthem Video and Download Link:

Cabo Verde National Anthem Audio and Download Link:

National Emblem

The national emblem of Cabo Verde was adopted in 1992.

The national emblem consists of a torch, a triangle within a circle. Which are the symbols of freedom and national unity. The ten stars on either side of the circle represent the islands, and plumb hob at the top represents the right path and is the symbol of righteous.

National Language

National language of Cabo Verde is Portuguese.

National Currency

National currency of Cabo Verde is cape verdea escudo.

It has the sign of Dollar and is used frequently. 1 escudo is equal to 1000 reis.

National Dress

Lilac lace dress is the national dress Cabo Verde.

It is usually a frock styled shirt, and laces are patched on it. Laces are of really bright colors and are made of threads of silk.

National Color

National color of Cabo Verde are three, i.e., Blue, White, Red and Yellow.

These colors are linked with Portugal and United States and represent freedom and bravery.


National Poet

National poet of Cabo Verde is Eugenio Tavares.

He was a folk poetry writer and contributed a lot to the literature. Some of his books are Saó Vecente etc. He also wrote on freedom.

National Airline

The national airline of Cabo Verde is Cabo Verde airlines.

It carries a national flag; it has six destinations. It is given the position of national airlines because it is situated in the capital of the country praie. These airline hubs are in Amilcar carbal international airport.

National Library

The national library of Cabo Verde is in praie.

It was established in 1999. It contains 30,000 books. The national library of Cabo Verde has all the history of country and bibliography etc.

Capital of The Nation

Praia is the capital of Cabo Verde.

It is situated on the south shore of Santiago in Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles of the western African bulge. It is also a submarine cable station.

National Stadium

Estadio nacional de Cabo Verde is the national stadium of Cabo Verde.

It is located in Praia and mostly used for football matches. It has a capacity of 15000 people.

National Flower

Gerbera daisy flower is the national flower of Cabo Verde.

It is a symbol of love, beauty, and innocence.

National Bird

Grey-headed kingfisher is the national bird of Cabo Verde.

National Animal

Manatees is the national animal of Cabo Verde.

It is a solitary animal.

National Drink

Gorgue is the national liquor of Cabo Verde.

It is distilled sugar cane with 40% of alcohol. It is made by farmers and is an occasional drink.

National Holiday

The national holiday is On every 5th of July every year.

Other include new year holiday on 1st Jan, 13th Jan democracy day, 20th  Jan heroes day and 1st May labor day.

National River

Riberia do Rabil is the national river of Cabo Verde.

It is given the position of the national river because it has the largest basin treaty of 199 km.

National Mountain

National mountain of Cabo Verde is Serra Negra.

It is given the national position because it has a height of 102.5 m

National Forest

Cabo Verde forest is the national forest of Cabo Verde.

It has 5 million metric ton of carbon in it.

National Dish

The national dish of Cabo Verde is cachupa.

It is a traditional Portuguese dish. It is a stew. It has mashed maize, onions, green bananas, manioc, sweet potatoes, squash and yams in it.

National Income

It is an average country with an average economy.

Per capita income of year is 3.592 billion dollars. GDP of the country is 1.728 billion dollars. The growth rate of GDP yearly is 1%. GDP per capita is 6900 dollars. The economy of a person living in Cabo Verde is 6500 dollars per year.


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