National Day

The national day of Belgium is celebrated and held on 21st of July annually. Back in the history, when the Netherlands and Dutch had the same land, both the communities opposed as dude to difference of their religion, culture, tradition and their beliefs, this caused a lot of opposition which led towards rivalry between the Netherlands and Dutch which resulted in losing control over many regions for the Dutch’s and they were forced out, therefore Belgium de facto declared independence and formed a national Congress to handle all the affairs of the state. The national day used to be 21st of September when the military withdrew from Brussel after a ferocious war during September, whereas it was later switched on to 21st of July, 1890 when the accession of Leopold I’s held towards the throne.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Belgium is known as La Brabançonne, which was derived from the French language known as Brabant. This was written by Alexandre Dechet who was also known as jenneval, who was an actor at that time, in theatres, moreover he also hosted this in meetings. However during the war of independence, jenneval was martyred. A famous poet known as Eugene wrote a song called as L’Air des lanciers polonais which was later adopted as the national anthem however the lyrics were changed by the Charles Rogier. This national anthem is hosted at many occasions almost everyday at school and at times when the games are being played internationally to represent the country.

Belgium National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Belgium National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag of Belgium is quite similar to the flag of France, however there is a difference in the colours. The flag is made of three different colours vertically division does into three portions. The first portion is consists of Black, followed by another portion of yellow and red. This flag has been adopted in 23rd January 1831. However, they had previous flags which were quite similar to this and stayed the national flag for only few years. This flag has a great significance for the country as it used as a symbol for everyone to recognise the country.

National Emblem

The national Emblem of Belgium is usually known as coat of arms of Belgium, this emblem is quite unique and attractive with an aggressive lion rampant, a sable, a shield surrounded by the grand collar of the order of Leopold with langued Gules with two crossed sceptres. This emblem was adopted on 17th of March 1837. This has few versions of the great emblem and the lesser emblem which is used in different places in order to show the significance of the emblem.

Capital of the Nation

The capital city of Belgium is the centre region of Brussels, which is also located In the centre region of the country. This city has a very low dense and population according to the other cities, moreover it is also the most richest city of Belgium.

National Currency

The national currency was known as the Belgium franc between 1832 up till 2002, which was replaced by Euros in 2002 which is divided in to further 100 subunits which is often known as cenitmen or centime. However, many notes were excluded and stopped circulating after 2002 when the euros were introduced.

The National Dress

The Belgium males are inspired by the French clothing as the community is mixed with Dutch and French. It also influenced them a lot due to the usage of French language which has brought a great impact on their clothing. The men’s prefer the traditional smocks and Berets which were picked during the opposition before the independence. However, the women love to wear the long gowns in order to cover their body, these gowns are not just gowns, the colour combination and the attractive designs catches everyone’s eyes therefore they have adopted this as their traditional dress, the huntress is also of the most famous and attractive costume for the Belgian women.

National Colours

The national colours of Belgium are red, yellow and black which is also found on the flag as well as on their great emblem. These colours are used more frequently in almost every where such as their emblems on passports and small flags placed at different occasions and etc.


National Poet

There are numerous national poets of Belgium, however the most famous and historic poets of Belgium is Els Moors, Maurice Maeterlinck and Emile Verhaeren. Emile was very famous for his poetry in French as he achieved 6 Nobel prizes and 6 different occasions, as he was a poet, writer and art critic. Maurice has also won a Nobel prize due to his dramatic writings and his passion for new activities related.

National Airline

SN Brussels Airline was the national airline which flew domestically and internationally, which was founded in 2002 since Belgium had no international carrier. Therefore SN Airline was the international carrier which later merged with the virgin express in 25th of March 2007. The airline is named as Brussels Airline now and has the main headquarters and hub is located in Brussels.

National Museum

One of the ancient and historic museum which is also the national museum of Belgium is The royal museum of fine arts of Belgium, it is located In the capital city, Brussels and was established in back 1803. This museum has more than 20,000 sculptures and paintings, which ranges from the 15th century up till recent.

National Library

The royal library of Belgium is also abbreviated as KBR, which is also known as Albertine. This library is situated in Brussels and was established in 1837. This national library has a very huge collection of rare books which makes a volume of over 4 million books.

National Stadium

The king Baudouin Stadium is the national stadium which is located in Brussels, as this has a been UEFO type 4 stadium which hosts around 70,000 crowd for a football match. However it is also surrounded by a cycling track for cycling races. This stadium was established on 23rd August 1930, nevertheless, the Crown Prince Leopold also participated the opening ceremony of this stadium.

National Game

More than 13% of the population in Belgium is indulged in sports, as there are many different types of games played in Belgium. They have also hosted Olympics, as they also participate in tennis, cycling, athletics and more than hundreds of games. However the national game is Football, which is played worldwide. The Belgium team resulted as the 3rd best team in the 2018 FIFA world cup.

National Rivers

There are many rivers that flow through Belgium however all of them goes toward the north sea except for few rivers such as Momignis. However the Meuse river us considered to be the national river as it is one of the longest river of around 925 km long.

National Mountain

Signal de Botrange is the national and the highest mountain in Belgium which is located in Leige. This mountain is more than 690 metres high and usually has a temperature below 0 Celsius, whereas the lowest temperature recorded is said to be -25.4 Celsius.

National Park

The national park is known as the Hoge Kempen National park, which is the first national park located in Flanders. The nearest city is Genk and this park covers up 57.5 square kilometres.

National Zoo

The national zoo is Antwerp zoo which is one of the oldest zoo in the whole world, it is located near the antwerpen railway station. It was built in 1843, which has more than 5000 animals in the zoo with more than 900 species. This zoo covers an area of 10.5 hectares.

National Tree

The national tree is said to be Taxus Baccata, which is also known as Caesarsboom or Caesars tree. This is on Eid the oldest tree as it is believed that it had lived up to more than 2000 years of age. According to the legend, Julius Caesar stood by this tree during the military war and tied his horse to it and took shelter under it.

National Flower

The red poppy is considered to be the national flower of Belgium which has multiple uses. This flower has a very attractive petals which can be used best as decoration in houses, parks and anywhere possible. Moreover this is also used in medicine for children and elderly people for pain relief and helping out during the irritation cough.

National Animal

The national animal is lion which Has a great significance in their culture and tradition. Lion is also added to their emblem, which indicates pride and bravery. The lion is the kind of the jungle and is one of the dominant animal. Therefore it also has a great importance in their country as it is printed on the emblem furthermore, it was also planned on the flag as it is their national animal.

National Bird

The national bird of Belgium is known as Common Kestrel, it belongs to the falcon family as it is one of the fastest bird. The bird requires cool temperature as it is warm blooded. This bird fly’s close to the ground in search of prey. This attract bird is one of the dominant birds out there in the sky which makes it special.

National Fruit

There is no specific natural fruit in Belgium however, many fruits are loved by the people in Belgium such as pears, apples, strawberries and many more fruits.

National Dish

The national dish of Belgium is called moules frites. The name has been derived by the French language which means mussels and fries. This is considered to be a healthy dish until fries are added too as they contain a lot of calories. This dish is easily available in most of the restaurants out there.

National Sweet

There are many sweets to try out in Belgium, therefore it is quite difficult to choose one of them as a national sweet, such as Brussel bread, flat and crunchy and many more. Sweets play a major role when it comes to dinner outside, since the sweet is necessary after every spicy dish.

National Drink

Jenever is a very well known drink which has been best traditional and national spirit of Belgium for over 500 years. There is also a traditional style for drinking the first sip of it, without holding the glass by the hands for the first sip. You need to leave the glass and bend down to the glass and have a sip and the rest of the drink is all yours to drink. It is considered that, the more chilled a jenever is, the more fun it would be.

National Holiday

There are several national holidays for the public however, some of them are very general where you would have a holiday all around the world. The first day of the new year is national holiday, the Easter Monday and labours day is also a public day off. Ascension, on 30th may, whit Monday 10th of June, all saints Day on November 1st, armistic on 11 November, Christmas and boxing holidays are celebrated annually. People usually stay at their homes at these particular holidays and enjoy their day with their family. The holidays are given due to different occasions such as religious, culture and historic. Everyone celebrate them in their own way. Most of the people usually, go out with their family for dinner.

National income

545.4 billion PPP is the gross national income of Belgium. The economy of Belgium has been increasing very rapidly as this the first country to develop the transportation infra structure of all canals, railways and other sort of transportations. Belgium was able to stabilise the income during 2000 till 2007. This country has faced a crisis in 2009 as the unemployment started and the currency went down, they faced a lot of trouble during the crisis. Whereas, Belgium has been in debt off 105% of their GDP. The income is used to determine the status and economy of the country.


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