National Day

Bahrain celebrates its national day on 16 December. It is the day that former ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa ascended to the throne. 14 August is the date on which Bahrain gained its independence from the British, but it does not celebrate that date. British announced the withdrawal of its troops in the 1960s. Bahrain declared its independence on 15 August 1971, which is marked by the signing of a friendship treaty with the British that terminated agreements between the two sides previously.

National Anthem

Bahroaina is the national anthem of Bahrain. It is translated as “Our Bahrain.” There were two different versions of anthem made with the same melody that had different lyrics. The first anthem was used from the independence of Bahrain in 1971 to 2002. The second anthem is been in use since country’s ruler Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah is decalred as king and the country is made a kingdom by constitutional amendments referendum.

The original lyrics were written by Mohamed Sudqi Ayyash. The composer of the melody is not known. However, it was re-arranged by composer Ahmed AlJumairi. It was recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, where it still is the most widely used anthem.

The first verse of Bahrain’s anthem translated to English is:

“Our Bahrain,
Our King
(is) the symbol of harmony”.

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National Flag

The national flag of Bahrain is of white and red color. The white band on the left and a red area on the right are split by five triangles. Red color is the traditional color of flags used by Arab states of Persian Gulf. The five triangles in flag are to symbolize five pillars of Islam. The flag of Bahrain resembles very much to the Flag of Qatar. The flag of Bahrain was adopted on 17 February 2002. The red color symbolizes the beliefs of kharidschitsche and the white color symbolizes peace with neighbors. The oldest flags of Bahrain were of plain red color. Bahrain made a peace treaty with the United Kingdom in 1820. A white stripe was added in flag to symbolize the truce. In 1932, an edge was added to make the flag of Bahrain look distinguished from neighbors.

National Emblem

The coat of arms of Bahrain consists of a shield that depicts the design of the country flag, which is surrounded by red and white mantling. The current coat of arms of Bahrain was designed by Charles Belgrave 1932. He was the British governor and adviser to the Sheikh of Bahrain. The design has been slightly modified in 1971 and 2002 because mantling and the indentations of the chief were also being modified. However, main design still has influence in the modern blazon.

National Language

Bahrani Arabic is the official language of Bahrain. Bahrani Arabic is also called Bahrani or Baharna Arabic. It is a type of Arabic that is spoken in Eastern Arabia and Oman. This dialect is most commonly spoken in Shia villages and some other parts of Manama. The Bahrani Arabic dialect has been significant influence of Aramaic, Syriac as well as other Akkadian languages. English is also widely spoken language in Bahrain. English is used in business as well as compulsory second language in schools. Many people in Bahrain also speak Farsi which is the official language of Iran and Urdu which is the official language of Pakistan.

Capital of Bahrain

Manama is the capital city of Bahrain. It is also the largest city of Bahrain. This city has population of 157,000 people. It is also the significant trading center in the Persian Gulf. Manama is also home to a diverse population from all over the world. Manama also used to be the mercantile capital and gateway to Bahrain Island. 20th century made Bahrain’s oil wealth helped fast growth. In the 1990s a concerted effort to diversify helped in expanding in other industries. This diversification helped to make Manama an important financial and economic hub in the Middle East. Manama was also made the capital of Arab culture in 2012 by Arab League.

National Currency

Bahraini Dinar is the national currency of Bahrain. The currency code for Bahraini Dinars is BHD. Its currency symbol is BD. The Central Bank of Bahrain introduced its first series of notes that reflected the heritage of country and development on 17th March 2008.

On 4th September 2016, the Central Bank of Bahrain introduced upgraded versions of the 10 dinar and 20 dinar notes that had advanced security features. The tactile lines were also added at center right front for the visually impaired.

National Dress

The traditional dress of Bahraini woman is an abaya that a long loose-fitting black gown. It is worn with a black scarve on the head known as hijab.

Traditional dress of Bahraini men is thobe. It is the traditional headdress that has a keffiyeh, ghutra and agal.

The thobe is another traditional dress that consists of a loose and long-sleeved, ankle-length dress. Summer thobes are of white color This dress is made of cotton. In winter thobes are of black color and made of wool.

The ghutra is a scarf that is made of cotton. It is folded in a triangle shape and worn over the keffiyeh

National Airline

Gulf Air is the flag carrier and national airline of Bahrain. It is headquartered in Muharraq city near Bahrain International Airport. Gulf airline operates scheduled services to 50 destinations in 28 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. The main base of Gulf Air is Bahrain International Airport. It used to be a multinational airline owned by four countries namely Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum is the largest museum of Bahrain. It is also the oldest public museums in Bahrain. It was opened in December 1988. It was constructed close to King Faisal Highway in Manama. It was constructed in $30 million US. The museum has two buildings covering 27,800 square meters. The museum possesses many collections of ancient archaeological and historic artifacts found since 1988. These artifacts cover about 5000 years of history of Bahrain. The complex includes three halls that are devoted to archaeology and the ancient civilizations. There are two other halls that depict culture of recent pre-industrial era of Bahrain. This building has nine major galleries, educational halls and gift shop. It also has administrative offices, laboratories as well as warehouses for the Conservation of holdings as well as Old Quran manuscripts, astronomy and historical documents. Historic letters are exhibited in the Documents and Manuscripts Hall of library. The museum building was designed by a famous designer from Denmark, KHR Arkitekter.

National Library

The National Library of Bahrain is located at Isa Cultural Centre. It plays is major part in intellectual and educational system in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It contributes to the cultural advancement trend of Bahrain. The mission of library is to provide advanced services and access to various sources of knowledge in all printed, audio as well as visual form to all people of society. It is also striving since beginning to collect and preserve the national intellectual advancement and output in printed as well as non-printed forms. The national library has copies and original collections of local newspaper, dating back to the first published Bahraini newspaper in 1939 until the start of the new millennium.

National Stadium

The Bahrain National Stadium is the national stadium of Bahrain. It is located in East Riffa. It has more than 24,000 seats. Football matches are mostly conducted here. It was built in 1981 and opened in 1982. The national stadium was renovated in December 2012. The stadium also hosted the 21st Arabian Gulf Cup tournament. It also hosted Gulf Cup of Nations tournament in 2013.

National Game

Association football is the most famous sport in the country. Bahrain also hasdomestic professional football league named as Bahraini Premier League. It has 10 football clubs that play a two round robin set, in which each team plays a total of 18 fixtures. Other popularly played sports include basketball, volleyball or handball. Mixed martial arts is also been legalized in Bahrain. Many sports are popular and widespread in Bahrain. Bahrain MMA Federation (BMMAF) is setup under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad-Al-Khalifa. Bahrain will become the first Asian and Arab country to host the amateur MMA championship.

Brave Combat Federation was also established on 23 September 2016 by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. This organization has showcased total of 21 events till now.

National River

Bahrain does not have a significant rivers or lakes. Bahrain comprises of 92% desert area that has low-lying rocky as well as sandy plains. Coastal salt marshes are also found in the central and southern reaches.

National Mountain

The Mountain of Smoke is the highest point in Bahrain. This is a hill in the Southern Governorate of Bahrain. Its height is about 122 m above mean sea level.The Mountain of Smoke got this name because of the haze that surrounds it on high humid days. A number of indeterminate caves are located in the vicinity of this mountain.

National Animal

Arabian oryx is the national animal of Bahrain.It is also the national animal of Qatar, Jordan, Oman and United Arab Emirates. They look gorgeous and beautiful and are friendly. They have been the major topic of poetry in Arab. The Arabian oryx is also the namesake of many businesses on the Arabian peninsula, notably Al Maha Airways and Al Maha Petroleum.In 1986, the Arabian oryx was endangered specie of animal. In 2011, it was the first animal to revert to vulnerable status after being listed as extinct in the wild. In 2011, population was estimated at about 1,000 individuals in the wild, and 6,000–7,000 of population worldwide.

National Bird

The Himalayan Bulbul is the national bird of Bahrain. It is a white-Cheeked Bulbul that is a garden and park bird.

National Park

Al Areen Wildlife Park is a nature reserve and zoo in Bahrain. It was opened in 1976. It is located in Sakhir city. It is one of five majorly protected areas in the country. It is the also the first designated protected area on land in Bahrain. The park features about 100,000 planted flora and trees. It has more than 45 species of animals, 82 species of birds and 25 species of flora. Species that roam this park include the Arabian oryx, South African cheetah, lion, Savannah monitor, impala, fallow deer, Chapman’s zebra, Honey badger and desert hares. The national park is restricted for public and only allowed for specialists, researchers, veterinarians and animal keepers.

National Dish

Chicken Machboos, or Machboos ala Dajaj is the national dish of Bahrain. It is made of spiced chicken and rice. It is similar to Biryani from India and Kasba from Saudi Arabia.

National Drink

Qahwah is the national beverage of Bahrain. Tea is also a famous drunk for hospitality. Other famous beverages of Bahrain include laban that is a kind of salty buttermilk, yoghurt drinks and soft drinks.

National Holiday

New Year’s Day is celebrated on 1 January each year in Bahrain. March Equoinx Day is celebrated on 20th March. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated from 4th June to 6th June. Eid ul Adha is celebrated from August 11 to August 15. Ashora Day is celebrated on September 8 and September 9. National day is celebrated on December 16 and December 17 each year. Prophet’s Birthday is celebrated on November 9.

National Income

The Gross domestic product of Bahrain is 35.31 million US dollar as of 2017. Its GNI per capita is 42930 PPP dollars per capita as of 2017. Public debt is 82.7 of GDP as of 2017. Export comprise of about 14.33 billion US dollars as of 2017. GDP per capita is 51,956 US dollar as of 2017. Major exports of Bahrain are petroleum and petroleum products. Petroleum production and refining constitute of more than 60% of export receipts of Bahrain including 70% of government revenues and 11% of GDP.


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