National Introduction of Austria

Austria started serving as the heart of the Habsburg Monarchy. It was considered the junior branch of the House of Habsburg – one of the most influential royal dynasties in history.

National Day of Austria

Monday 26 October is the National day of Austria.

The National Anthem of Austria

Land del Berge, Land am Strome is the national anthem of Austria is named “,” which translates to men “Land of mountains, land by the river.” The anthem was adopted by the nation in 1946 before World War II Anschluss.

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The National Flag of Austria

With three equal horizontal bands of red, white, and red the flag of Austria has an official look. The Austrian triband is based on the coat of arms of the Babenberg dynasty, recorded in the 13th century.

The National Emblem of Austria

Austrian Symbols

Black eagle with broken chains around its legs, and a sickle and hammer in its talons. It is Austria’s coat of arms, two broken chains are there. They stand for liberation from the National Socialist dictatorship, the sickle for agriculture, and the hammer is for industry.

National Language of Austria

German is the official language of Austria.

Capital of Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria. Vienna is the smallest in the area but the largest in population.

The National Currency of Austria

The Euro (symbol: €) became the official Austrian currency on January 1st, 2002. One Euro is made up of 100 cents

National Dress of Austria

Dirndl is the traditional dress of Austria includes Lederhosen, dirndl and Tracht.

National Color of Austria

The colors of the Republic of Austria are red-white-red. The flag has three identically broad horizontal stripes of which the intermediate is white, the upper and the lower are red.

The National Airline of Austria

Austrian Airlines is the national airline of Austria. It is based at Vienna International Airport. It operates both domestic and international networks. Austrian’s provincial carrier, Tyrolean Airways, merged with Austrian airline.

National Museum of Austria

As the national museum the Heeres geschichtliches Museum in Vienna is, the only museum in the country with a permanent exhibition. It covers Austrian history from the Thirty Years War until the end of World War II.

National Library of Austria

The Austrian National Library is one of the world’s most beautiful historical libraries.

National Stadium of Austria

Ernst-Happel-Stadion is National staduim of Austria and foot ball- is played here .

National Game of Austria

The association football, alpine skiing and ice hockey is the national Game of Austria.

National River of Austria

The Danube
The Danube and the Alps are the two main features of the Austrian terrain are . The Alps occupy over 60% of the total land area in Austria. Some of the longest rivers in Europe like the Danube pass through Austria. All the Austrian rivers flow into either the Black Sea or the North Sea.

National Mountain of Austria

The Grossglockner (German pronunciation: [ˈɡʀoːsˌɡlɔknɐ] ( listen); German: Großglockner or just Glockner) is, at 3,798 metres above the Adriatic (12,461 ft), the highest mountain in Austria and the highest mountain in the Alps east of the Brenner Pass.

National Park of Austria

As national parks, Austria has seven protected areas known six of them internationally accepted according to the IUCN standard.

National Zoo of Austria

With activity day and night, rain or shine the world’s oldest zoo is in Austria . Visit the Schönbrunn Zoo to see an impressive variety of rare and local animals. Indoor and outdoor exhibits make it a year-round destination to be enjoyed by the entire family.

National Forest of Austria

The Gesäuse National Park, is home to a primeval forest geologically distinct by the rapid waters of the Enns River carving through its woodlands and mountains. The scenery is wild and inspiring, not to mention a real draw for those in search of alpine recreation.

National Tree of Austria

Beech tree is the national tree of Austria. Researchers discover in Austria oldest-known beech tree in Europe.

National Flower of Austria

Edelweiss or botanically known as Leontopodium Alpinum is the National flower of Austria is one of the best-known European mountain flowers.

National Animal of Austria National Bird of Austria

A bird of prey Black Eagle is the national animal of Austria.

National Fruit of Austria

Apple is National fruit of Austria.

The National Dish of Austria

Vienna Schnitzel
The national dish of Austria is labeled as Vienna Schnitzel or Wienerschnitzel. Made of a layer of thin bread along with a pan-fried a veal cutlet, it’s yummy.

National Sweet of Austria

Viennese Apfelstrudel

The Germans may argue that the Strudel belongs to them, but Austria has wholeheartedly taken to the sweet crusty Apfelstrudel, which is counted among their national foods. The Apfelstrudel is a flaky pastry that is lined with apple filling and qualifies as vegetarian Austrian food.

National Drink of Austria

Almdudler is considered the “national drink of Austria. It is based on mountain herbs and with a flavor reminiscent of elderflower beverages. It “, and is popularly used as a mixer with white wine or water. The “energy drink” Red Bull became popular in the West starting in Austria.

National Holidays of Austria

New Year’s Day
Easter Monday
Labor Day

The National Income of Austria

Austria’s GDP Per Capita is 51,511.982 USD in Dec 2018. It was 47,465.168 USD in Dec 2017.


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