National Introduction of Andorra

Andorra has been created by Charlemagne, It was ruled by the Count of Urgell until 988, it was transferred to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Urgell.

National Day of Andorra

National Day of Andorra is every 8 September to honor the national patron saint, “Our Lady of Meritxell”.Lady of Meritxell is a statue of the Virgin Mary that was long cherished by the people of Andorra.

National Anthem of Andorra

Andorre national anthem was adobed on September 8, 1921, that is also the national day of Andorra.
National flag of Andorra

The Andorra flag features is three equal vertical bands of red, yellow, and blue with the national coat of arms centered in the yellow band.

National Emblem of Andorra

The coat of arms of Andorra (Catalan: Escut d’Andorra) is the heraldic device consisting of a …. Categories: National symbols of Andorra · National coats of arms · Coats of arms with cattle · Coats of arms with mitres · Coats of arms with sceptres.

National Language of Andorra

the locals of Andorra are 16% Portuguese, so they are communicating in this language should not be an issue. French, as Spanish, is widely spread in the area and in touristic sector the tourism is the main source of income and most of the tourists are French and Spinach

Capital of National Andorra

The capital, of Andorra is la Vella that is the highest capital city of Europe, at an elevation of 1,023 metres (3,356 feet) above from the sea level. … Euro is the official currency of Andorra but the Andorra is not the member of europium union. From since 1993 it has been a member of United Nations.

National Currency of Andorra

The Nation currency of Andorra is the Euro, which is the symbol €. 100 cents are 1€.It has been established as common European currency and, in Andorra, it has substituted the French France and Spanish Peseta

National Dress of Andorra

A traditional costume is still worn for the folk dancing and on special events. Traditional costume for the women’s are features a full, flowered skirt over a white petticoat; with a full flowered skirts and a blouse (sometimes it has been covered by a flowered shawl); black espadrilles with long black fingerless net gloves with white stockings.

National Color of Andorra

Blue, yellow, and red are national color of Andorra
The national flag of Andorra (Catalan: Bandera d’Andorra) had een adopted in 1866. The flag is a vertical tricolour of blue, yellow, and red with the coat of arms of Andorra in the center.

National Poet of Andorra

Andorran Poets. There is a list of member poets from Andorra. That are promoting the poetry of Andorran poets.

National Airline of Andorra

Andorra Airlines is the national airline of Andorra an Andorran commercial airline is based at Andorra–La Seu d’Urgell Airport. The Andorra airline cannot carries the national flag carrier of Andorra, The aim of this airline is to connect the main Spanish and European cities by his airlines.

National Museum of Andorra

The National Museum of Andorra is Pyrenees that is located in the heart of the city of Andorra la Vella.

National Library of Andorra

The National library of Andorra was founded in 1930,and then it was re-opened in 1974. It was housed in Casa Bauró, an old manor house in the capital of Andorra,

National Game of Andorra

In Andorra there is no national sport. But they have many popular: ski, cycling, etc

National River of Andorra

In major rivers of Andorra Gran Valira is the  main river of Andorra’s.

National Mountain of Andorra

Coma Pedrosa is the nation mountain river of Andorra and his height is 2,943 m and 9,656 ft) that is the highest mountain of the Andorra.

National Park of Andorra

There are three natural parks in Andorra Nature Parks. Almost the 40% of the area of Andorra is Forest.

National Zoo of Andorra

The adventure sports directory finds the all animal zoo in Andorra National zoo

National Forest of Andorra

According to the U N FAO, 35.6% or about 16,000 ha of Andorra is forested, according to FAO. Andorra’s forests contain – million metric tons of carbon in living forest biomass. Biodiversity and Protected Areas: Andorra has some 140 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles according to figures from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

National Flower of Andorra

The national flower of Andorra is Narcissus Flower which color is Wight and this is a very beautiful Flower.

National Animal of Andorra

National animal of Andorra is Cattle, It is a member of bos genus family, The shape of this  cattle is rectangular shape, the female is different with the male counterparts female

National Bird of Andorra

The national bird of the Andorra is Lammergeier it has been the IUCN Red List has reassessed these species they are near threatened in July 2014.

National Fruit of Andorra

Europe (Andorra is situated on the border of France and Spain. Andorra is a country in … However, there are manystates that do have a designated national fruit.

National Vegetable of Andorra

Escudella is a Andorra’s national dish. It is mostly eaten in winter and on holy days, including at Christmas. it have particular favorite with meat-lovers.

National Dish of Andorra

Escudella is a Andorra’s national dish. It is mostly eaten in winter and on holy days, including at Christmas. it have particular favorite with meat-lovers

National Sweet of Andorra

The National sweet of Andorra is the most traditional  sweet kind, eaten on the special occasions such as Nit de Sant Joan festival. It is consists of a flat oval sweet bread topped with candied dried fruits and almonds.

National Drink of Andorra

Cargols is the national drink of Andorra. The Cargols are served as the main type of menu in most of the in Andorra.

National Holiday of Andorra

The Besides, and the seven parishes in Andorra holds their annual festivals or carnivals. These dates are also the public holidays in such parishes.

National income of Andorra

The Andorra economy is a developed and free market economy driven by finance, retail, and tourism. The Andorra gross domestic product (GDP) is US$3.66 billion in 2007. …. GDP – per capital


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