National Day

Flag Day or Independence Day is celebrated in Albania every year on 28th of November as a holiday, The Albanian diaspora. The reason for this day celebration is that it refers to the independence declaration of Albanian that happened on 28 November 1912. Its assembly constituted on the same day.

National Anthem

“Himni I Flamurit” is the national anthem of Albania. The music of the anthem was adapted from an original composition by the Romanian composer Ciprian porumbescu. The Albanian poet wrote the words as Asdreni. It was so much liked by the people that it was declared as the national anthem in 1912.

In the national anthem of Albania, the poet is talking to gather the world under one roof where every single person no matter who is, is free and free. He further explains that the war break us apart and we should be together instead of fighting we should love each other and live peacefully.

Albania National Anthem Video And Download Link:

Albania National Anthem Audio And Download Link:

National Flag

The national flag of Albania has a bright red color which represents bravery and strength; however, it also has an emblem in the middle of the flag, which is the two-headed eagle. It represents the bravery and solidarity of the country. This flag has a great significance, as it is one of the primary symbols to recognize the country.

National Emblem

The coat of arms of Albania is an adaptation of the flag of Albania. It is based on the flag and seal of Gjergj kastriotSkanderbeg. The national emblem is above the head of two-headed eagles is the helmet of Skanderbeg, surmounted with Billy goat’s horns. The nation of Albania is used to represents the uniqueness of the nation and tells us about the culture and history of the nation.

National Language

There are multiple languages been spoken all over Albania; this consist of Italian, Greek, and English. However, the national language is known as Albania, almost half of the population in Albania speaks more than one language. Furthermore, the youth is inspired by English, and it is now focused as the primary language of knowledge and education. English is a growing language of Albania at this moment.

Capital of Albania

The capital of Albania is Tirana.

It is known for its colorful ottoman, fascist Soviet-era architecture. Pastel buildings surround the city’s focal point. It is also known as the city of colors. Many old and historic buildings are present there. National history museum of the country is also present there that covers the prehistoric communist and anti-communist period of the 1990s.

National Currency

Albanian lek is the national currency of Albania.

It was introduced in 1926. In between 1946 to 1965, its value was pledged down to Soviet ruble at the rate of 1.5 lëkë. Albania lek is divided into 100 qindarka. But qindarka are no longer issued.

National Dress

Fustanella is the national dress of Albania. There are different national dresses that Albanians like as they are traditionally influenced by their elders. The dress is simple. For women, it is colorful, and for men, it is more like simple. White cotton cloth is used to make a shirt, and white straight pants are worn by men, while women wear patched wide shirts with different dyes. They are attracted to the western clothing style.

National Color

The national color of Albania is red, as it gives the sign of boldness and dominant. This color is also present in their flag, which shows the significance of this color in their tradition. People often like to have their apparel in red color. Besides red, the black is also of the national color as this is also used in the flag in the emblem. This color is often simple and sleek, which represents the country as a symbol.


National Poet

Poets have a great significance to the establishment of the countries as they inspire everyone by making them feel passionate and brave by just their words with deep, strong meanings. Eulogizing Skanderbeg is the national poet of Albania, and people also regard him as a national hero of the nation. Few of the verses from his poem are stated as

“ka me bête me thane

Se sijaari


Si malï “

National Airline

Air Albania is the national airline of Albania.

A national carrier is necessary. Therefore, its headquarters are situated in its capital city, Tirana. The airline hub is located at Tirana international airport where the airline’s corporate headquarters are also located.

This airport was named after mother Teresa in 2001. In 2007, a new passenger terminal was also opened. It is 17 kilometers away from the capital city, Tirana. The airline fly’s both domestically and internationally towards many countries.

National Museum

The national museum of history located in Tirana is the national museum of Albania.

It was opened on 28 October 1921. It is 27000 square meter in size and also 18000 square meter area is also available for exposition. The museum has pavilion antiquity, renaissance, middle ages, national liberation, communist revolution, etc.

National Library

The national library of Albania is Albanian national library situated in Tirana.

It was founded in 1920 and inaugurated on the 10th of December 1922, which is now 97 years old. It is in Sheshi Skanderbeg. This library has a great collection of books, maps, journals and much more. This library allows you to easily borrow a book, whereas you may also read them in the library itself. This library also has a website besides opening 72 hours a week, making it more convenient for people.

National Stadium

Arena kombetare is the preplanned national stadium of Albania. Whereas, it is still under construction and is being built quickly with precision, as it has to be the national stadium and the home ground for their team. This stadium is based in Seshi Italia, Tirana, Albania. This stadium can hold up to 22,500 crowns at once and has two scoreboards to service the crowd as much as possible. As the commencement of the construction begins in September 2016. Now the budget of this stadium is 60,000,000 and is expected to be open in the mid or end of 2019.

National Game

The national sport of Albania is football.

Football is loved by every single person living in Albania. A very memorable match was played there and was also won by Albanian football team in 2002. However, there are many several types of games being played in Albania such as athletic, cycling, and many others, but the majority of them enjoy football at their fullest.

National River

Vjosa River is the biggest river of Albania and is the national river of Albania too.

Vjosa River its total length is about 272 kilometers. It is Northwestern in Greece and southwestern Albania, which is 80 km in Greece and 192 km in Albania. It is considered a national river because it is attached to the country of Greece.

National Mountain

National mountain of Albania is jezercë

Its northern mountain region and it is the highest peak with an average height of 2694ft above the sea level.

National Park

There are several national parks in Albania; however, the largest and one of the beautiful park is known as Fir of Hotovë-Dangelli National Park, which covers an area of more than 34 thousand hectares. This park was established in 1996 however it was later on expanded in 2008. This park also provides a good habitat to the animals as they have suitable temperature with trees surrounded.

National Zoo

Tirana zoo is the national zoo of Albania.

It was established in1966. It covers an area of 7 hectares. It is in the southern part of Tirana city. It is located between the Grand Park and botanical garden of the city. This zoo is still under maintenance as the animals have not been kept in their actual habitat.

National Flower

The red poppy is the national flower of Albania. This national flower is printed on banknotes, stamps, coins, and many other identical places. This flower is found in many parts of the world. However, it requires an optimum tempera
ture. This flower is also used for decorating the gardens of houses, parks and other places, as these flowers are quite attractive.

National Tree

The olive tree is the national tree of Albania. Whereas the botanical name of this special tree is Olea Europaea, which means, European olive. This is also found in many parts of the world. This tree has several uses; this can be used as fine wood, olive oil as well as the olive leaf. This is also one of the most extensively plan grown all around the world, due to so many benefits of this tree.

National Animal

National animal of Albania is the golden eagle. The golden eagle is the fastest and one the most common bird, which is a national bird for so many other countries. This eagle has a great vision with amazing speed and bravery, which makes it very special. It is found North Asia, North America, Europe, and North Africa. This eagle has a great significance as it is printed in their flag with double heads. It preys on rabbit and hare.

National Bird

The national bird of Albania is the golden eagle as it is one of the best kinds of birds known to almost everyone.

National Fruit

The national food of Albania is cherry. This fruit is loved by all Albanians.

National Dish

The national dish of Albania is Tavë Kosi.

It is the most simple but delicious dish of the country. It is baked lamb with rice and is served with flavored yogurt sauce.

Its ingredients include fresh meat of lamb, brown rice, yogurt, and some salt and black pepper all these ingredients are cooked in olive oil.

National Street

Elbasan Street is in Tirana and is the national street of Albania.

It is the major street of Albania leading to SH3 and European root E852. The UN embassy and Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum is situated in this street.

National Drink

Raki is the national drink of Albania.

It is an alcoholic drink. Raki is highly consumed drink of Albania. It can be prepared from any fruit, and it can be consumed before or after the meals and also in the morning with a cup of coffee. This drink is easily available at the restaurants, whereas they are also known as compulsory when it comes to a get-together or ceremonies.

National Holiday

The national holiday of Albania is on the 28th of November. Because it is the national day of the country.

Other holidays of Albania include holidays for Eid ul fitar, Eid ul Adha, Christmas, Thanksgiving and on Indian holy days. The national holidays are celebrated in many different ways, they like to celebrate it with their friends and family on occasions such as Eid or Christmas, whereas the national day holidays are usually fond of having different functions for children’s and events for adults, which makes it quite fascinating for the whole country. Media also broadcast different shows in which you can learn and remember the historical events and sacrifices that have been made by many people.

National Income

The national income of Albania, according to 2017’s survey, was 32.66 billion PPP Dollars.

The economy Albania went through many transitions from a centralized economy to a free market. Albania is an upper middle-income country and is a member of NATO, BSEC, OSCE, and WTO. The GDP of this country every year is of the worth of 15 billion+ Dollars. The rank of its GDP is 123rd. The per capita on its GDP is from 5.202 Dollars to 13 Dollars. Also, the rank is 101st for per capita GDP. 21% of its economy is based on agriculture, 27% is based on its industries, while 51% is based on its other services. The average income estimated for a person living in Albania is 210 euros per month, and per year, the national income is 2,528 euros.


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